LuckyCrush – Virtual flirting through live video chat

The coronavirus pandemic has pretty much altered plans for everyone. Gone are the days of partying without social distancing and traveling without some kind of restrictions. The effects of COVID-19 also had a hit on matchmaking.

With less people mingling in real-life situations and millions confined to their homes due to various lockdowns, a lot of people turned their efforts into online encounters and matchmaking.

LuckyCrush, a random video chat website which allows virtual flirting, was one of the services which enjoyed a huge surge in the COVID-19 era. The service registered a whopping 50% increase in registrations during the global lockdown.

But what is LuckyCrush? This is not your typical dating website and app like Tinder, Bumble, etc. It’s a chat website which allows live random video chats for adult individuals. The particularity of LuckyCrush is that men are only connected women and women are only connected with men, at random. Registration is also regulated in the sense that the service tries to remain equal in both men and women accounts with the goal to avoid guys or girls wait for a long time to find someone to talk to.

Although the service is primarily video chat, you can also write to your match instead of talking while still see each other live on camera. And the service takes the word ‘Next’ literally…changing partner is as easy as hitting the ‘Next’ button on the site! Yes, that easy! Clicking on the ‘Next’ link instantly ends the chat and both users are then connected to new, random individuals waiting.

LuckyCrush presents itself as a “virtual flirting” site which means you can live ephemeral flings online with random strangers in one click, without having to browser profiles and find ways to start the conversation with another member. On LuckyCrush, you are already in a virtual date through live video chat at the second you clicked “start” and get matched with your partner. LuckyCrush is not a dating site as the flirtation starts and ends on the site. In a sense, we can say they made “flirting” a virtual game you can play with random partners worldwide.

But is it safe? We’re glad you asked!

While video chats are encouraged, you are free not to show your face on camera and your username is the only thing that your chat partner can see. You’re also not allowed to share your contact details to maintain safety. You can browse and look around without any signup required but you’re asked to register to continue unlimited chatting.

One thing to keep in mind is that this service matches men with women and vice versa. While this is not ideal for the LGBT community, LuckyCrush is exploring same-sex matchmaking which will most likely result in its own dedicated service down the line.

LuckyCrush is available from desktop and any mobile device and there is no need to download any app. The service boasts 1 million members from 100+ countries after being in business for one year.

So what are you waiting for? Start a random chat with an opposite sex partner and let the good times roll!


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