Lose all of your extra weight and gain muscle with these pro tips

Have you heard someone saying that they want to lose weight but build up the muscles as well? Probably not. But it is completely okay and possible to achieve these goals at the same time.

When we say we want to lose weight but with a good muscle build-up, that actually means losing ‘fat’ not weight. This is because when we are losing weight, we are also reducing muscle mass. Thus, you should aim to lose fat, not the whole body weight, to get a better shape.

It is a tough process but with the right strategy, patience, and consistency you can definitely reach your target in a couple of months. Like a normal weight loss program, you have to change your diet to a calorie deficit. Furthermore, a proper workout plan needs to be followed strictly. Along with basic weight loss exercise, add some strength training and HIIT (High-Intensity Interval Training) to expand your muscle mass and burn fat simultaneously.

Here are some pro tips from experts that can help you gain muscle mass while maintaining ideal body weight.

1. Follow A Calorie Deficit Diet

The only way to lose weight healthily is to follow a calorie deficit diet. Do not believe in the false myths that a particular food or magic drink can make you slim in just a few days. These are totally wrong. There exists no such drink, food, or drug. If it is actually making you lose weight, just don’t rely on it. It will have so many side effects later on.

Calculate your calories with the help of an online calorie calculator according to your Body Mass Index (BMI). Then subtract about 300 calories from the total. This is your calorie deficit. Don’t be so hard while cutting down calories as you need a lot of energy for the workout as well.

2. Eat Whole Foods

It is the first and the foremost rule of dieting to cut down on processed and sugary foods in your diet. Eat whole foods like whole grains, fruits, vegetables, legumes, etc. These provide your body with all the essential nutrients with less fat and no processed sugar. Hence you feel fuller and don’t go towards unhealthy food.

3. Add More Protein To Your Diet

Using a calorie deficit is good for fat loss but to increase muscle mass, you have to increase your daily protein intake. Many natural protein sources help you in body recomposition while staying fit and healthy. Add eggs, dairy products, chicken, fish especially salmon and tuna to your daily calorie deficit diet.

4. Strength Training To Increase Muscle Mass

The workout that can help you greatly in building muscle is the weight lifting strength-building exercises. You can go to the gym or simply use weight machines, free weights,s or both if required at home.

One such weight training program is named body beast designed by a famous bodybuilder Sagi Kalev. It is a 90 days workout plan that can be followed by men and women equally who want to build muscles while losing extra body fat. Check this review for detailed information about the body beast with all its pros and cons.

  • Leg Exercise

Legs made a big fraction of body muscles. Don’t ignore leg muscles if you are looking for bodybuilding. Include squats, lunges, and deadlifts in your workout schedule if you use free weights. If you go to the gym, do focus on outer and inner thighs, hamstrings, and quadriceps exercises.

  • Pull & Push Exercises

Strength training exercises for muscle buildup include a variety of pull and push exercises. These increase your endurance of weight lifting and thus play a role in composing muscles.

  • Core Exercise

Abs are focused more on bodybuilding workouts. The exercise best known for abs workout is one affecting core muscles. It will not only help you make abs but enhance overall strength and endurance as well.

5. Have Better Sleep

Sleep deprivation is a cause of several health conditions including depression, hypertension, diabetes, and others. It also results in weight gain and obesity. When you don’t have a sleep of eight to ten hours, your energy level would be lowered and cause difficulty in concentration. Also, you can’t focus on a daily workout routine with such a low energy level.

Nothing is impossible to attain if we have a consistent mindset. Gaining muscle and losing extra body weight at once is no doubt a challenging target. But it is not impossible. Start with a firm belief that you can do it and follow the aforementioned tips to achieve your goal.

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