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How to win in Live sports betting

Sports betting in bookmakers can be done in two modes. The first one is called “pre match” – this is when a bet is made before the start of a sporting event. The second one is called “live” – this is when a bet is made right during a sporting event. This is what’s called live betting. This type of betting has such a name because the odds on the outcome of the event change all the time, depending on the situation in the match. They are not stable, like the inserts before the match.

Every year, live sports betting is becoming increasingly popular, including due to the development of technology and the spread of the mobile Internet. 1xBet bookmaker offers you to download the 1x app to your smartphone for free at any time (1x android / 1x ios are available).

Players are attracted to this betting option for several reasons. Firstly, it allows you to feel involved in the event, secondly, it adds emotions when watching the match, and thirdly, in this case you will not have to wait long for your bet to be calculated: the result of the forecast becomes known as quickly as possible, right during the game.

The ability to correctly assess what is happening on the field / court during a match can provide a player with an additional advantage over a bookmaker, which will not be given by bets in the “pre-match” mode. Live sports betting is very exciting. But it’s worth keeping in mind a few rules and strategies that are described in this article.

Advantages of Live betting

  1. The main advantage is participation in the match in real time. You can watch the live broadcast both on TV and via the Internet. At the same time, you have the opportunity to objectively evaluate both the game of an individual player and the coherence of the actions of both teams. In football, betting during the match allows you to take into account all the events and nuances, and react quickly by adjusting the bets. If, for example, a central striker drops out of the game due to injury, then the team’s chances of winning drop sharply.
  2. Another advantage of live betting during the match is a quick calculation and almost instant payout of winnings. You can win an impressive amount in a short period of time – in just one period of a football match. And with proper forecasting and timely changes in rates during the timeframe, the budget can be increased several times.
  3. Another plus is to play on the coefficients that have changed in a big way. If the game is played between the leading team and an outsider, then the favorite can reduce the chances of winning (raise the coefficient) by losing, for example, a half or a period, but eventually win.

How to make live bets correctly

For those who play for the sake of the game itself, it does not matter how to bet live, the main thing for them is to relax and have fun. If you play aiming to win, then you need to follow certain rules. Otherwise, you can not only quickly go into negative territory, but also completely lose your invested finances.

The main rules:

  1. Keep a sober mind under any circumstances. To do this, you need to completely turn off emotions – they prevent you from objectively assessing the situation in tense moments and making an adequate decision. A calm state and clarity of thought is already half the success. The joy of temporary success, as well as the irritation of losing, distracts from the course of the game and bets. Therefore, you should not focus on temporary successes and defeats, but just purposefully move on.
  2. Study statistics independently. Before placing live bets, you should definitely look at the statistics of the teams participating in the match. This condition will allow you to identify the obvious features of the teams for the initial period and deliberately place a bet.
  3. The ability to stop in time. If there is nothing to bet on, then it is not worth continuing the game – it is better to keep the deposit.
  4. If you decide to play according to a certain strategy that you are confident in, then in no case do not depart from it.
  5. Gain experience. Primitive advice — before you put it in live, just follow it for a while. For example, if you plan to bet on totals in live, then watch a little how the coefficients change during the match. The ability to react quickly to changed indicators is very important here, so only the ability to predict the further behavior of the line will allow you to make reasonable bets and play plus.

How the coefficients change in Live

Only in the live line, the odds of winning the favorite of the meeting may suddenly become higher than for the outsider, or vice versa. This can be caused not only by a goal scored (in football), but also by injury, weather conditions or the general condition of the team. Betting analysts also monitor what is happening and immediately react to all changes that may affect one or another outcome of the event.

Additional Live betting features

Modern betting companies are trying to attract players by creating additional opportunities. Live betting has not been bypassed by innovations either. So, on the websites of most bookmakers, in many sports events on the live line, the ability to monitor online what is happening on the field has been added: somewhere live broadcasts of the match are used for this, somewhere everything is displayed in infographics.  Also, additional features for live betting include the presence of statistical facts on the page, the history of personal meetings, the standings and much more.

Summing up, it can be noted that this type of betting is quite interesting for both beginners and experienced players. And at the same time, it has its own characteristics that should be taken into account. Here you can earn quite large amounts of money and at the same time, it is important to be able to calculate actions in advance.

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