How to boost your immune system: tips any athlete should take into account

Your immune system is the only guard you can rely on to fight against disease-causing microorganisms. trillions of bacteria live inside and on our body, but the bad bacteria is attacking our body every day and when the immune system works smoothly we don’t even notice the process of protection. But the life of athletes is different. In order to maintain the energy level the body needs, the athletes should add various food supplements and vitamins to their diet, strictly following that dietary regime so they can recover in the period of exercises and competitions. Intensive physical activities cause high stress levels, which should be again controlled and maintained in balance. The best step is a healthy lifestyle supported with supplements and vitamins. The last ones you can find on vitaliving.com with extremely useful information about them.

How does the immune system work?

A large part of the immune system belongs to the specific cells: Phagocytes and Lymphocytes (or the white blood cells). In other words they are called T-cells and B-cells. Phagocytes are responsible for “eating” the bacteria, viruses that already exist in our body and for some reason they became non useful (dead or injured body tissue). Lymphocytes are produced in the bone marrow and they recognize foreign bacteria and viruses that penetrate into our body. Lymphocytes or B-cells in this case are playing the “antibody” role fighting against bad and harmful bacteria destroying them. Plasma cells make antibodies.

Tips to Boost Immune System for Athletes

Immune system`s good work requires harmony and balance. Here are the tips on how to boost the immune system.

Follow your diet.

During intensive exercises your body needs energy to burn, so you should never restrict your calorie intake. Hard training causes high cortisol level (stress hormone) and the result is immune system weakening. Keep the calorie in balance.

Exercise but do not overtrain. 

Working out and exercising is good for health, but as an athlete you have a very intensive program. Overtraining can cause weakened immune system, increased muscle soreness, inability to sleep, depression, and increased injury


When you are asleep at night, your body goes through several recovery processes. Blood flow becomes faster and it delivers restorative oxygen to your muscles. Athletes get injured and get less by 54-60% (NBA players study) when they get good sleep.


Vitamin B Complex: controls energy production and the process of building or repairing muscle tissues.

Vitamin C: one of the best immune boosting supplements. Fight against bacteria and microorganisms.

Vitamin D and Calcium: keeps the bones, teeth, and muscles healthy, supports the immune system.

Zinc:  your body doesn’t have the vitamin originally and the only way to get is to ingest from food and supplements. It maintains thyroid hormone metabolism, stimulates growth, building, and repair of muscle tissue.

Omega-3s: reduces  muscle soreness and swelling

Protein Powder: it’s a popular nutrition supplement that  builds muscle, repairs damaged tissue, and makes enzymes and hormones.

Sport probiotics:  reduces stress, keeps you mood good, fights against anxiety and inflammation.

Magnesium: has several benefits. It improves bone health, boosts energy levels, controls stress management, balances blood sugar, regulates muscle and nerve function.

Be attentive to what you eat and use as a supplement. Make sure the supplements are certified and safe specifically for your body. Don’t forget about natural vitamins and stay close to nature.


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