Has WWE missed the chance to build their next big star after John Cena?

Whenever an opportunity knocks, it is always essential to answer the door instantly. When it comes to WWE, however, it often goes unanswered. In most circumstances, the perfect opportunity for a wrestler’s career to change for good comes once. If missed, there are high chances that the star will not see another one.

All through WWE history, there have been a couple of matches whereby blown chances could have, however, been star-making openings had the final moments been relatively different. As you all know, it is advisable to grab an opportunity that is worth a lifetime.

Most stars on the losing side of these tournaments may have gone on to make huge career impacts for themselves. However, the situation may have been incredibly different if WWE took the right action at the right time.

Do Fans Miss John Cena?

Yes, we all miss seeing John Cena in the WWE ring. Since his last match at Wrestle Mania 36, all fans think that the time is now that he blesses them with his magic once again. While his days of wrestling full-time may be behind him, fans would love WWE to give him a show. All of us would be amazed if he made a surprise return at Wrestlemania 37.

WWE Stars Miss Opportunities to Become Superstars

Wrestling is a ruthless and exceptional game and most stars miss the opportunity to become superstars. Still, others have slim hopes of becoming headliners. The present WWE roster contains a list of some of the finest wrestlers the wrestling world has ever seen. WWE has undertaken ideal measures at scouting talent to register stars from other promotions to continue expanding their long roster.

A huge percent of wrestlers finds it fairly hard to enjoy consistent TV time because the organizers often rotate in and out with some specific stars enjoying bigger opportunities than others. Ideally, all employees want to become the shining star for the company that they work for.

Most wrestlers will undoubtedly struggle to get WWE confidence to reach the top of the roster list. Here is where stars miss their best opportunity to break out, and in the process, makes it tricky for WWE to create a star that shines all through.

WWE Misses Opportunities to Create New Stars

The Royal Rumble offered a chance for WWE to create a new superstar, but it continues to fail to meet the fans’ expectations. Countless Royal Rumbles have come and gone, and this disappointing trend continues to prevail. Apart from the Roman Reigns, Seth Rollins, Shinsuke Nakamura and Drew McIntyre, if feels like too many veterans have won the other Rumble matches.

While there is nothing wrong whenever a veteran wins the Rumble, it would be wise for a new or mid-card star to win it to push them straight into the main event. The bad news, however, is that it is often hard for new entrants to win it.

Creating stars into the main event matches demands time and effort. The WWE management, therefore, needs to plan out for the young and new wrestlers and hope that the fans connect with them rightly. In some situations, a star starts winning matches straight away and WWE may put them into WWE title hunts.

Still, most talents take years to be ready for a genuine world title push. But most will never even get to that point. The Royal Rumble provides one of the rarest opportunities where WWE can pick and push for the creation of a new star, not to mention Wrestlemania.

Although winning a Rumble does not mean that the player will remain relevant in the eventual title race, it is quite easy to maintain their energy from this victory as opposed to creating it from scratch.

WWE Needs to Start Getting it Right

It is time that WWE starts getting it right. For example, when it comes to the Royal Rumble, the contestants’ pool should not have players who have wrestled for more than 10 years in the main event. In its place, WWE needs to come up with the appropriate mix of prospects that wrestling fans can relate to.

Being a wrestling fan should be indispensable when picking the participants. The competitors in the tournament need to have extensive knowledge of WWE history and not just physicality and athletic ability. If they have respect for WWE, they will highly appreciate the given opportunity. With the new generation of fans, WWE must start to create new talents.

Bet on WWE Matches

WWE matches take place throughout the year, with weekly SmackDown, NXT, Raw and Main Event shows. However, most sports betting websites offer PPV (pay-per-view) events. So, if you are looking forward to betting on WWE matches, you need to keep in mind that PPV events are the most exciting and biggest wrestling events.

What’s more, there are other top WWE events that you can place stakes on, such as the Royal Rumble, WrestleMania, SummerSlam, and Survivor Series.

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