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Friends and family influence gambling behavior – research

The UK Gambling Commission (UKGC) analyzed the responses of 962 respondents and determined that friends and family play a vital role in shaping the habits of casino fans. The regulator published this statement in a study that examined the behavior of young people from 16 to 30 years old who like to try their luck in casinos and bookmakers. It argues that advertising and marketing played a lesser role in influencing young people’s interest in gambling. More details of the study – read below.

Key Research Insights

The UKGC study is intended to complement a broader research program aimed at examining the experiences of people at the best online casino prone to gambling addiction. Its results should provide a “deeper understanding of the Commission’s role”.

“Consumer protection is at the core of everything we do. It is important that everyone understands how young people start gambling, what products they prefer, and what factors influence their relationship with the gambling industry. This work is an important part of our broader research program on the latest trends in the UK gambling sector.” explained Tim Miller, Executive Director of the Commission.

The findings indicate that young people are most likely to develop an addiction after gaining independence from their parents. The agency found that independent life “unties the hands” of many less socially responsible citizens who subsequently experience problems with gambling addiction.

The results also showed that as citizens got older, their behavior in the casino did not stay the same. On the contrary, it fluctuates depending on personal experience of victories and defeats, as well as changes in lifestyle and social responsibility.

Educational Programs for Youth

British charitable organization “Gambling with Lives” has created a groundbreaking education program for young people. The initiative aims to prevent the harmful effects of gambling on the younger generation and will be piloted in schools in Essex, Manchester, and Northern Ireland.

According to a press release published by the company, the project aims to influence education for teenagers in the field of gambling, and also intends to solve the problem of the lack of information and assistance currently available in this area. Speaking about the initiative, Gambling with Lives’ education chief said: “What makes this program unique is that it takes a sober view of the role of various gambling addictive products. It also evaluates the role of marketing, which is very important.

He added: “We can protect young people by providing objective and evidence-based information and raising awareness of how addiction occurs. But education is not enough, so we need real changes in regulation to protect young people.”

What distinguishes this initiative from other charity programs is that it focuses on how addictive services work, and the impact of industry marketing. The risks of developing gambling addiction will be explained by those who have experience in fighting the disease.

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