Five must-see sports documentaries

Taking a break from betting is always a good idea; it will help you gain a fresh perspective and hone your betting skills to earn big money. These documentaries will help bettors get an idea of the different strategies that can be employed to win and understand the world of sports betting without any hiccups. Some documentaries stand out better than others; they have captured the attention of many and influenced bettors across the world. Some of the sports betting sites, such as SBObet, have gained immense popularity over the last couple of years due to widespread access and have proven to be a safe choice as it is licensed.

Top 5 sports documentaries

  • 30 for 30: The legend of Jimmy the Greek- This documentary revolves around the life of one of the greatest sports commentators and Las Vegas bookmaker James George Snyder also known as Jimmy the creek. He was famous for his 12 years on the NFL today program, where he predicted the games’ results, and is infamous for his gambling antics when gambling was seen as a taboo. Livescore of football matches on the CBS Sunday morning show were shown after he predicted the winner of the NFL. Jimmy the Greek was the biggest name in the world of sports betting, and he helped bring sports gambling into the mainstream. He was
  • Life on the line (2013) – Some of the most legendary names in sports betting can be seen in this documentary. Professional bettors Teddy Covers and Erin Rynning lend their expert knowledge. The documentary invites viewers into a world that grants limited access to the average sports bettor. It gives a peek into the normally-closed world of Las Vegas hotel’s “Superbook,” which leads up to the biggest betting event of the year.
  • Now place your bets: The history of sports betting in America- Taking you through the rise of legal sports betting in Las Vegas, this documentary gives a detailed look through in-depth interviews and personal accounts. VPN busters is a review website which gives detailed information regarding the best virtual private network to use in order to keep your data safe. VPN allows a person to connect to another network over the internet, securely giving people across the world access to this documentary, which is centered in Las Vegas. If you are looking at an in-depth look at the lives of gamblers, bookmakers, and sports journalists, their motivations, and obsessions, this movie is a perfect choice.
  • Sixty minutes sports betting: Billy Walters- Billy Walters is one of the most dangerous sports bettors in Nevada, Las Vegas. He has made the biggest win and never had a losing year while betting on sports. The documentary provides rare insight into the real betting tactics, and you are sure to learn a thing or two from him.
  • The best of it- Voted as one of the most suited documentaries on sports betting, it gives an honest insight into the life of pro bettors and the world of betting, which is unforgivable and unpredictable, giving you the authentic feel of what betting is all about.


There are several blogs such as GclubBase that give out information on the different online gambling sites available, which you can get hooked onto with easy and safe access. Sports betting documentaries will give a real and rare insight into the world of gambling that could help bettors learn different strategies and realize the world of betting is indeed unpredictable, making it clear that there will be winners and losers, and it’s all about strategy.

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