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Dana White has mocked Vince McMahon after the success of UFC

The battle between UFC and WWE has been present for quite some time. It would seem that Dana White is on a bit of a confidence boost after his more recent event. Dana White has come out to mock Vince McMahon. Even though they both operate sports that offer life-threatening action and high combat, they have been at each other’s throats for years now. WWE is merely a wrestling-based program and it is all pre-scripted. When you look at UFC, you will see that it is more MMA-based and it was formed long before WWE hit the screens. That being said, McMahon has produced far more household figures.

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UFC and Dana White

The reality-based feature at the UFC is what urged Dana to take his dig at Vince. There was a nail-biting interim fight at the event UFC 265 and it was then when Dana chose to express his views. He explained why Vince could never hope to pull off something similar. He said that it doesn’t get any better than this and that you couldn’t script it either. Even though WWE and UFC are known for their PPVs every month, they do not compete against each other. Both of the companies have their mixed fanbases and this helps to guarantee a particular benchmark. Interestingly, you can also bet through a legal UFC betting site in Indiana, just as you can bet on the WWE during a PPV. It’s similarities like this that breed healthy competition.


Over the years, you have fighters such as Ronda Rousey and CM Punk. You also have Cain Velasquez and even Brock Lesnar, who have had a career through both companies. It didn’t go too well for CM Punk and Cain Velasquez though. Punk faced a somewhat harsh reality when he entered the octagon and he had two fights before he announced his retirement. Velasquez was doomed by Lesnar inside the ring. If he went up against him in the octagon though then he could probably better him without much effort, but in the WWE ring, things are very, very different.

The Success of UFC and WWE

The WWE and UFC companies have both shared a lot of success over the years and it is safe to say that they have both prospered. Both chairmen are very good at their jobs and they are good business owners as well. That being said, more needs to be done to make sure that people are aware of the differences. It is just not easy to say that one company is better than the other, or that one fighter can best the other when they compete in different sports. The only fair comparison would be to compare those who are in the UFC, to those who fight within the same company, in the same weight division.  That being said, people will always try and compare the two and this helps to create a level of friendly competition that helps to push both companies to be the best that they can be. It also creates drama between Dana White and Vince McMahon.

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