SPONSORED: Cosmetic procedure options for teens and adults


Even if beauty shouldn’t be measured based on physical appearance alone, having features that we can be proud of certainly helps in building our self-esteem and making us feel more beautiful. If there are certain areas in our bodies that we’re deeply insecure about, it affects our self-confidence, leading us to believe that we are unattractive.

In teens, physical appearance tends to matter a lot. Their bodies undergo a lot of physical changes, and these can affect their emotional well-being. Having a crooked set of teeth, for example, can thwart their confidence in smiling. Traditional braces can solve their teeth problem, but not so much their confidence issues. Some teens do not feel good about the appearance of metal in their smiles, so parents may want to consider alternatives to traditional braces.

Here are some cosmetic procedures for teens and adults that would improve their self-confidence:

Orthodontic Treatments

Wearing traditional braces can also be an issue among adult professionals. When their careers involve speaking to a lot of prominent clients, they will put importance on how they present themselves: sharply-dressed, well-groomed, and straight teeth without any dental appliance visible.

Clear aligners manufactured by reputable orthodontics laboratories are among the alternatives to traditional braces. They are removable “trays” in the shape of your teeth and as you wear them, your teeth will gradually move until they’re perfectly aligned. Invisalign is a popular brand of clear aligners and is suitable for teens and older adults.

Lingual braces are also a popular option. They are also metal braces like traditional ones, but they’re attached to the back of your teeth so that they’re undetectable. The discomfort you’d feel in your tongue can be a downside, but because they’re invisible and effective, lingual braces remain a good option.

Clear ceramic or tooth-colored braces are a nearly invisible alternative. It’s only partially invisible because the wires remain silver, but the rest of the parts are made clear or have the same color as your teeth.

For those with teeth crowding and jaw problems, orthopedic expansion is possibly a necessary treatment before having your teeth straightened. There can be cases when your jaws are unable to accommodate all your teeth, resulting in crowding, so they need to be expanded first. This treatment can also deliver aesthetic benefits, such as a wider smile, a more defined chin, fuller lips, and more prominent cheekbones.

Non-Surgical Cosmetic Procedures

Teens may also be interested in non-surgical cosmetic procedures. Dermal fillers, skin resurfacing, and laser treatments can be part of their options. For adults, injectable fillers that reduce wrinkles is a popular aesthetic treatment. A chemical peel, which removes dead skin cells and smooths the face, in turn, is also popular. “Power peel” or microdermabrasion is another well-known treatment, and this uses fine crystal pieces to exfoliate the skin.

To solve more severe wrinkle and skin-sagging issues, the Thermage system can be a good option. This tightens your skin through heat, so it can be painful, but only one session is usually enough.

Cosmetic Surgery

We may normally associate cosmetic surgery to adults only, but the ASPS revealed that some teens 13-19 years old have also gone under the knife. Rhinoplasty or “nose job” is the most requested cosmetic surgery by teens, and those as young as 13-14 can already have it. Meanwhile, a bust reduction is the solution for teen girls with overly large busts, as well as teen boys suffering from gynecomastia, a condition that makes them develop excessive tissues on the chest area.

Otoplasty or ear pinning is also common among teens, but even children as young as 5 or 6 can have this done, too, as long as their ears have already fully developed. Lastly, liposuction is also common among teens who wish to lose weight or have a smaller waistline.

Seeing that there are various cosmetic solutions for facial and bodily issues, bear in mind that your true beauty lies within. While they are completely helpful, your personality and kind heart make you more beautiful than all of these procedures combined.