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Can fighting rules help you to build strong relationships?

Fighting is amazing because its rules can lead you through life. What you learn in the gym can be transferred to any other area of life. Today we’ll explain how to use principles of fighting to build strong relationships. Wrestlers, boxers, and other fighters are using them to stay happy. You can follow them, too. Even if you aren’t a fighter.

What Fighting Can Teach You

Fighting can teach you everything. For starters, fighting can teach you how to fight. Yea, that was a huge elephant in the room. But there is much more to fighting than self-defence or competition. Rules and principles of fighting can teach you a lot about relationships, business, organization, discipline, and so much more.

Today we’ll focus on the rules of fighting you can use to secure you’ll be in a strong relationship. Just one interesting fact before we dig deep into the laws of fighting and relationships. Statistics show that most single wrestlers get to know each other through a mature dating site and other online services. Other fighters are using dating sites as well. Most people do nowadays. Now let’s see in detail how fighting can change your life.

Some Fighting Rules that Will Help in Relationships:

The following five rules will help you in achieving your goal – a healthy and strong relationship. But you can use this advice to make your business better or in almost any other aspect of life.

Use Time-Outs When Necessary

Some people believe that taking some time off is a sign of weakness. Those people have never been in a gym or a dojo. If you’ve ever trained any martial art, you know how hard it can be to keep pace with the rest of the crew when you’re dead tired. In those moments, it’s much better to take a time-out than keep pushing. Determination is great, but knowing when to take a rest is much better.

How can that rule help you build a strong relationship? Simply. When you and your partner are fighting for a while, don’t insist on fighting until everything is ruined. Take some time off and talk when both of you calm down. It is much easier to fix something than to build it from scratch. Don’t ever forget that.

Don’t Chase

Another principle of fighting that’ll help you in every aspect of life is – don’t chase because you’ll get caught. Everybody who has any experience in martial arts knows the feeling when you get hit, so you want to push harder and start chasing. Or you just become reckless and start chasing your opponent. That’s when most fighters get caught. Never do that. Stay composed, calculated, and stick to your gameplan.

In the world of relationships, that means you shouldn’t chase that one person you consider special. If you do that, you’ll lose a lot of energy, time, and resources. Many opportunities will slip through your finger because of that. Remember – don’t chase; make them adjust to your rhythm.

If You’re Going Around in Circles, Stop

Have you ever been sparring with somebody, and you keep throwing that one combination that seems ineffective? Everybody with martial arts experience did that at least once. Then the opponent learns your patterns and can use them against you. Let’s say you’re trying to hit them with the one-two-leg kick, and they keep blocking your punches and checking your kick. If it didn’t go through 2 or 3 times, mix things up. Go for a body with the second punch and switch the leg kick with a high kick. They won’t expect it, and you might finish the fight.

The same goes for relationships and seeking partners. If you’ve been trying the same tactics for a while and it doesn’t work – try a different approach. It’ll do wonders for your game.

Get Hurt and Recover

Injuries are part of the fighting. You should expect them if you’re training in any martial art. When an injury happens, the worst thing you can do is to keep pushing through it. It’s better to take some time off and heal. We’ll use Tony Ferguson as an example. He’s one of the world’s best fighters, but he took a beating from Justin Gaethje. Still, he stepped in the octagon with another killer the same year. He took a beating from Charles Oliveira because he didn’t take enough time to heal. Don’t do that to yourself.

If you get hurt in a relationship, take some time for yourself. Heal completely and come back stronger than ever.

Don’t Leave it Unfinished

One more famous rule – never leave it in the hands of judges. If you get a chance to finish a fight – do it. You’ll regret it if you don’t. The same work in relationships, too. If you have something to say to your partner, your ex, or somebody you like – get on with it. Finish that, and even if you lose, you’ll heal soon and won’t have any regrets and what-ifs in your mind.


Every fighting rule can be used to make your relationship stronger. We’d explained 5 of them. Follow them, and you’ll become a better fighter and partner in a relationship.

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