Home Articles SPONSORED: Can a wrestler deliberately use marijuana in training period?

SPONSORED: Can a wrestler deliberately use marijuana in training period?

Cannabis utilization is not a new practice among professional sports players, specifically those who engage in the field of wrestling. With the continued rise of the marijuana business as well as the legalization of the plant, more and more wrestlers see it as something that can aid in their profession, especially in training.

One should know that the only way to experience the beneficial effects of cannabis is to find strains that are 100% legitimate and high-quality. You can look for supplies from local marijuana cultivators, or you can find products online. My suggestion is to visit the Weekend Gardener website for additional information about hybrid strain (a type of Marijuana strain), as well as how you can get a supply.

Cannabis Helps Alleviate Pain

Even for those who don’t know a lot about the sport, just by watching a wrestling match, one can conclude that the competition can bring frequent muscle pain and soreness. Cannabis is known to have beneficial effects on muscle pain because of how it works with a person’s endocannabinoid system. ECS helps manage chronic pain.

According to Zach Scioli, he sees marijuana as the perfect pain reliever without the risk of getting addicted. Some painkillers can make individuals addicted to it as well as damage the kidneys and livers. Marijuana, on the other hand does not have the same effects. Scioli is a trainer from DIAKADI Fitness and has used both opioid drugs and marijuana for chronic pain relief.

There Is A Reduction In Muscle And Joint Inflammation

In line with chronic pain, training for a wrestling match can contribute to a professional’s joint and muscle pain. In a study conducted by Nagakatti et al., cannabis utilization dramatically reduces inflammation. Although a common misconception is that users needed to smoke marijuana, there are other options such as edibles and topicals.

According to Adam Brous, using marijuana is something that he encourages his followers to do because of the outstanding effects it has, especially in tissue recovery after intense training sessions. Brous is a certified yoga instructor that founded Ganja Guru Yoga.

Marijuana Also Treats Muscle Spasms

Muscle spasms are involuntary contractions of a muscle or a group of muscles that results from continuous sustenance of activities. These spasms can be excruciating, depending on the severity of the movement. In the wrestling world, numerous training and stunts can result in muscle spasms that can last for up to a few minutes.

According to Erich Anderer, M.D., there are various studies done on rats that show a significant decrease in muscle spasms, which could be because of marijuana’s anti-inflammatory property. Anderer is a doctor and chief of the Neurosurgery Department at the NYU Langone Hospital in Brooklyn. Although the cannabis industry still has a long way to go, the plant already shows promising results for people who engage in physical activities that can potentially contribute to muscle pain and spasms.

Overall, Is Cannabis Advisable For Wrestlers Who Are Currently In Training Season?

Yes. With the information as mentioned earlier about the beneficial effects of marijuana, wrestlers can benefit greatly from cannabis utilization. Considering that the sport calls for different training and activities that can cause pain, inflammation, and spasms, these individuals also need a kind of pain reliever that does not increase the risk for addiction and dependence, as well as not damage the liver and kidneys.


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