Busting myths about slot games

For people who are new to the world of gambling and do not have a clue as to where to start, they can go for slot games. Slot games are one of the easiest and popular forms of gambling. Traditionally, people visited slot machines in casinos to get a taste of the game but now that is not the case anymore. Seeing the overwhelming popularity and future potential, many gaming companies have incorporated online slots into the gaming software. The online slots have been made engaging with graphics, soundtrack, easy gameplay interface to attract more people towards the game. Players can also participate in live games and tournaments to compete with different players. Such features create a simulated reality where the person feels like she is actually playing at a casino. Some of the popular slot games are Starburst, Goblin’s Cave, Sunrise Reels, Immortal Romance, Private Eye, Book of Ra etc. These games can be found in popular online casino sites and mobile gaming sites.

With the booming of the smartphone market accompanied by the availability of cheap data, mobile gaming sites have seen a huge surge of players, particularly even more during the lockdown. The reason why mobile gaming is becoming a top choice among players is because of its easy usage, accessibility and convenience. Players can play games at any place, at any point in time. To tap the potential of the growing smartphone market, gaming companies have started designing mobile-friendly slot games. Given how slot games require less or no experience of gambling and are sources of earning good cash, they will not easily fade away from the market. You also get to play free slots with no deposit.

Slot games have undergone changes in terms of design and structure. They are taking inspiration from pop culture, films and TV series. There are slot games based on Disney characters, Game of Thrones, Friends, Avengers etc. Previously, fruit symbols were used in the slot machines and the winner was the one who got the combination right. However, there are some myths about slot machines that need to be resolved. 

  • The combinations get an equal chance

Slot machines are equipped with winning and losing options. There are higher chances of getting small and winning combinations than getting big wins and jackpot combinations. The top jackpot only appears once. Further down the line, the player will receive a series of non-winning combinations and Near Misses.

  • If a person has a miss she has to pay

If the person is engaged with the slot games for a very long time, she may come across a series of frustrating combinations right before the big win. This is done to build excitement and tension for the game. The person needs to feel that winning the jackpot is near and she has to continue playing. The truth is that misses do not mean anything because every spin does not have relation to the last spin as it is generated by RNG. This is why it is advisable that the player should not play the game with the ‘I have to win the jackpot’ mindset.

  • A person can win the jackpot once

This is absolutely false. Because every spin is unrelated to the previous spin and there are high chances of someone getting a jackpot at two spins in a row. Every spin bears equal chances of winning. 

  • Playing slot games can be the worst idea in a casino

In traditional casinos, slots can deliver low percentage payouts but they cannot be qualified for being the worst bets. The game of craps table bears worse odds than the slot games. For inexperienced, slot games should be their first preference as other card and table games require experience and skills.

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