Best ways to avoid and treat pain as a wrestler

Pain is an inevitable part of wrestling. No matter how experienced you are, or how well you take care of your body, at some point, you’re going to feel pain. The best way to deal with pain is to avoid it in the first place. Here are some tips on how to do that. Additionally, if you do find yourself in pain, there are ways to treat it that will help you get back on the mat as soon as possible. Keep reading for more information.

Common Wrestling Injuries

Because wrestling is a contact sport, it’s important to be aware of the fact that you can get injuries from time to time, depending on how hard you train, how often you wrestle, and the intensity at which you do so. In terms of the types of injuries that you can receive whilst wrestling, these range quite dramatically anywhere from simple bruising to an ACL tear. Here are a few of the most common injuries;

  • ACL and MCL tear: ACL stands for anterior cruciate ligament, and MCL stands for the medial collateral ligament. The ACL is a tissue that essentially connects the shin bone to the thigh bone and the base of the injury usually happens at the knee. Some symptoms that you might experience are intense pain, instability as well as swelling. The symptoms with MCL tears are the same.
  • Muscle soreness: Another common injury that you might experience is just general muscle soreness and this can be felt usually within 12 to 48 hours after an intense workout or a competition.
  • Shoulder injuries: All the injuries you might experience whilst wrestling the most common shoulder injuries, which include shoulder dislocation, separation, and a rotator cuff injury. This is usually caused by the nature of wrestling, such as the twisting of arms. Any restrictive holds you might be placed in, as well as impact with the mat.
  • Neck injuries: Much like shoulder injuries. Neck injuries are also relatively common and they are usually caused when you are placed in vulnerable positions or slammed on the mat. A few injuries that you could experience might be cervical fractures, whiplash, or neck strain.

How to Avoid Them

Depending on the type of injury that you are attempting to avoid, it might not be possible. Injuries such as neck injuries or shoulder injuries might not be avoidable depending on how they are received. For example, if you are slammed on the mat, no amount of stretching can prevent an injury. If your arm is forced behind your back and you happen to fall on it, there is nothing that can be done to stop an injury from occurring.

One thing that you can do to avoid any knee injuries such as an ACL or MCL tear, would be to wear knee pads that will absorb the impact. More than this, you should always make sure to stretch before practicing, and this is even more important if you are entering a competition. You should also ensure that proper nutrition is being maintained, as well as avoid any unnecessary or excessive weight loss.


In terms of what you can do to treat the injuries, one of the more popular methods in 2022 would be using CBD. It is very common in most contact sports for athletes to use painkillers to help treat the pain, and wrestling is no exception. Unfortunately, painkillers are opioids that are quite addictive and have quite bad side effects.

CBD, on the other hand, is not an opioid and is used to treat opioid addiction. More than this, it has anti-inflammatory properties and is fantastic at treating pain. There are numerous ways to consume CBD, which you can learn more about at Daily High Club. Since it is completely natural, it is illegal to be used even if you are competing.


Finally, no one knows your body better than you do. Having said that, you should know the difference between general muscle soreness after a competition or an intense workout and an actual injury. One of the best things that you can do is visit a physiotherapist since they are trained to diagnose as well as treat sports-related injuries.

The last thing that you want to do is receive an injury and brush it off as nothing, only to cause permanent damage that could potentially end your career. Another benefit of visiting a physiotherapist is anything that you learn from the physiotherapist can be used in the future, if you were to get a similar injury again.

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