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Wrestling is not just about sweaty biceps. It’s also about having plenty of sass and a lot of ass. While professional wrestling is said to be scripted, those falls and pounding still, indeed, hurt a lot. These professionals are involved in gruesome training to ace their wrestling choreography and stunts to be performed in front of a live audience – before this whole pandemic situation, at least.

As much as these athletes’ sweaty genitals take a beating, professional wrestling is not a ball sport. Getting into the arena with a hall of famers and legends will take a lot of experience and a lot of guts before they even remember your name.

If you want to get into professional wrestling, you need to toughen up, and we don’t mean just the physical stuff. You also need to grind your mind to become a lean mean wrestling machine.

More Than Flexing

Forget about flexing for a potential partner among the crowd. For those serious about getting into the business, wrestling would take more than just charms off-script.

Here are things that you should know if you are serious about becoming a professional wrestler.

Before you officially begin, keep in mind that you will get hurt. Your mind, your body, and most especially your ego will take a whole of beating, so you better be ready. It might not be as easy for you to get a potential mate once you get those scars and bruises. Luckily, with the improvements in dental technology, wrestlers nowadays can benefit from an ortho dental lab to fix the mistakes they have made in life.

As you get into the business, don’t be surprised if you see a wide range of wrestlers from different backgrounds. Wrestling is a universal activity. Whether this is good news or bad news for you, there is no need for you to be tall or short to be involved in the sport.

What you need here is self-confidence. As mentioned, your ego will get hurt no matter what. Make sure you toughen up your mind, body, and, soul and don’t let anyone crush your peppy wrestling spirit.

To train as an athlete, you will need enough discipline to get the right skills to battle it out in the rink. Don’t be discouraged by bad days, no matter how busted your lip might be. Your work ethic will show through in your future fights, and you will reap the benefits even with only one eye open.

Again, your mind needs to be tough. Mental toughness is a requirement in professional wrestling. Whatever you have to say about it being scripted is irrelevant. Many instances involve the wrestlers’ improvisation during the fight, so you have to be mentally present and mentally active every time you are in the rink.

While these are some things you need to prepare yourself for when you get into professional wrestling, you still need to take care of your needs. Professional wrestling will not provide you with your everyday needs immediately, like any other profession. You have to get yourself a day job like many other wrestlers before you.

Wrestler Day Jobs

Many professional wrestlers had day jobs before they became the superstars they are today. While professional wrestling might bring you superstardom, this won’t happen overnight. You still need a backup plan. Not everyone is John Cena.

When it comes to looking for a day job, there is no need to be picky about it. Before joining WWE, John Cena was a chauffeur for a limousine company. While his passengers had no complaints about having an invisible chauffeur, Cena left the job to pursue a wrestling career instead.

The Great Khali has not been very active in the rink these days. Nevertheless, not many may be aware of his history as a police force member in his homeland in India.

On the other hand, Brodus Clay lived the peace-loving showbiz life of being Snoop Dogg’s bodyguard. This was before he decided to join the WWE industry.

You better secure yourself with a good job even while you train as a professional wrestler. It’s always good to have a bit of fallback whenever you need it for emergencies – and there will be emergencies, for sure.

Becoming a professional wrestler is not just a physical challenge but a mental challenge as well. You need to train your mind to endure all the pain while keeping yourself sane to stay in the game.

While all that is said and done, wrestling is not all that wrestlers do. Some of them, in fact, take care of their people and fans by telling them to wear face masks amid this pandemic. As you can see, wrestlers can be gentle creatures.

For those who aspire to become a professional wrestler, better prepare yourself early on for some consensual butt-beating.

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