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7 reasons why students should take part in wrestling

The first thing that comes to mind when we hear of wrestling is physical contact and bodily harm. Hence, it may scare off many students, or rather parents may discourage their children from taking part in such activities. Wrestling, however, is fun, educative, and creates an emotional outlet. Here are some of the reasons why students should be encouraged to take part in wrestling.

Physical Fitness

Most students ignore their physical health or generally assume they are okay, and hence a surge in the number of obese kids. Therefore, with this rise in obese children, parents and teachers should include activities in school that promote physical fitness and athleticism. According to research done by Harvard school of medicine, an hour of wrestling can help one burn up to 600 calories.

Wrestling also increases muscle strength, which reduces a person’s vulnerability to injuries and muscle pains, especially when engaging in physical activities. Besides, this physical fitness will help the students avoid experiences such as backaches and other pains when they are older. Thus, if a student is taking a proper diet and taking part in wrestling, then physical fitness is easily achieved.

Scholarship Opportunities

Let’s face it.  Before one starts earning from wrestling, it will take time, and possibly some people will not get to the level where they can earn enough. However, it can provide students with scholarships and sponsorship opportunities.

Generally, most colleges and educational institutions give athlete students a priority and even offer them a chance to study for free. Hence, if you research on wrestling programs, you will find that there are several institutions where you can further your learning and still build your wrestling skills.

Development of Discipline

Different sports have different rules, but one common rule is discipline. One has to learn how to obey the set rules. For example, you cannot show up for practice when you feel like it. Getting into a routine is mandatory. It is one of the best ways for students to attain discipline.

Indiscipline, in most cases, leads to poor results. Therefore, students always get challenged to put their best foot forward and achieve their full potential in the sport. It is the same analogy that applies to write essays; it takes discipline to meet essay deadlines even if it is with the help of a essay writing service uk.

Development of Athletic Skills

Skills such as balance and body control are necessary for any athlete or sportsperson. Moreover, for one to be a wrestler, they have to first perfect on athletic skills. There are several activities, such as tumbling and gymnastics, in wrestling that boost the students’ skills in athletics. Thus, it is usually easy for wrestling students to take part in other different sporting activities, which makes them versatile.

Dealing With Disappointments

During wrestling sessions, there are a lot of disappointments like losing to an opponent or not meeting the target. Setbacks in wrestling are painful, just like in normal life. Many people have not mastered how to deal with disappointments because they have never experienced them. Wrestling teaches students how to lose gracefully, how to move on quickly, and, most importantly, how to perform better next time. A defeat or loss is handled as part of the learning experience.

Emotional and Mental Therapy

Many young people are suffering from different mental illnesses, ranging from depression to anxiety. They have a lot of bottled up emotions, tensions, and insecurities that need to be released. Therefore, through wrestling, they manage to keep their minds busy and learn how to control their emotions.

Additionally, it can be a form of mindfulness therapy. When a person is wrestling, they acknowledge their current state and concentrate on their body movement without thinking of any past traumatic or painful experiences.

Builds Confidence

Most wrestling competitions have an audience, and thus to perform in front of the audience, one should be confident enough. Additionally, confidence is built through achievements or praise.  Hence, mastering skills one has constantly been practicing or winning a match will erase any sense of self-doubt.

Summing Up

Wrestling provides an opportunity for a wide range of development for students that will be helpful not only in their lives as students but also in their future lives outside school. Parents and teachers should understand that there is more to wrestling than just physical contact. Hence, students should be encouraged to join such sporting activities. It will help them build their confidence, resilience, and emotional intelligence.

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