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7 forbidden techniques in wrestling

Doubtlessly, wrestling is a combat and very dangerous sport. It involves grappling-type techniques that can be very harmful, even being performed by experienced fighters. Even though fighters are well-trained and have thorough fighting plans, their moves are still very dangerous. Fans don’t want wrestlers to get injured during fights. Also, people become more concerned about the heath of fighters. That’s why WWE has already banned a lot of techniques in wrestling.

Burning Hammer

It is a very dangerous move that was occasionally performed. It needs fighters to be very attentive as even a small mistake can cause serious damage to both performers. The burning hammer is banned by WWE only. Nevertheless, other fighters avoid using this technique as they don’t want to risk too much performing it.

A fighter needs to grab an opponent and put him on the shoulders horizontally. It needs an executor to have great strength as they should stand, picking an opponent. Then, he needs to fall on a side, hitting an opponent’s head on the mat.


It is an old and classic fighting technique that is unseen these days as it’s banned. An executor has to pick a victim upside down and elevate. The opponent’s head should be on the level of the executor’s hip or stomach. Then, a fighter needs to fall on the bottom. Sometimes fighters applied the jumping movement upon reaching the ground. This technique needs performers to spend many hours training and polishing their movement due to a large risk. The victim’s neck experiences tremendous pressure being forced to the ground by the weight of two grown men, which is very dangerous.

Shooting Star Press

This one is very spectacular. To perform it, a wrestler needs to jump from a high and land on an opponent. Also, a fighter needs to rotate in the air. Unfortunately, the move is very complicated, so fighters need to train a lot to polish the technique. However, even if a student finds a reliable essay writing service at ScamFighter.net to delegate homework and spend all the free time polishing this move, there is a huge chance of failure. Even a small mistake can lead to serious injuries.


This technique’s name is self-describing. Performing it, a wrestler needs to pick an opponent upside down. The victim’s head should be located on the same level as the executor’s chest, shoulders, or head. Then, a fighter has to fall on his back, hitting the opponent’s head on the mat. Sometimes, three fighters perform the technique. In this case, two wrestlers drop a victim on the mat. Due to the significant height, excessive pressure applies to the head and neck, which can cause serious damage. Consequently, this technique violated the WWE policy and was banned.


This move was banned almost instantly, after the time it was invented and performed. The vertebreaker also has a self-describing name. It presents the complexity of the technique. A wrestler needs to pick a victim upside-down and back-to-back. Then, the executor needs to fall to hit the victim’s shoulders, neck, and head on the ground. The primary drawback of this move is its complexity, so that it can be performed by small wrestlers only. Also, an executor cannot control the opponent, performing this technique. It causes the additional risk of getting a serious injury by fighters.

Chair Shots To The Head

This technique is not natural for wrestling. However, the increased toughness of fighters made the chair shot move drastically popular. Wrestles get a foldable plastic-metal chair and hit their opponents. This technique is very dangerous as pieces of metal and plastic can cause serious harm. Also, wrestlers have a very short span of time to protect their heads with forearms performing this move. Therefore, the chair shot to the head is banned by WWE. However, this tool is still used for shooting the body.

Canadian Destroyer

This technique is an enhanced version of the Piledriver. A fighter jumps on an opponent and fixes his head between legs. Then, the executor forces the victim to flip backward and hits his head on the mat. Even though this move is less harmful, it’s also forbidden due to a few reasons. The first one is that the technique keeps the fighter’s head fixed between legs that can cause serious damage. The second reason lies in the fact that this move is very complex so that performers can make a dangerous mistake easily.

Final Words

In fact, there is an indirect reason for forbidding some techniques. Skilled fighters perform all the fighting methods that people see on their TVs. It makes the show very spectacular. Some students even get homework writing help by searching the question, “Is DoMyHomework123 legit?” on the Internet. It helps them read reviews on services that deliver papers of unsatisfactory quality and avoid them. Then, they spend all their spare time watching new shows.

Unfortunately, fighting techniques in wrestling can be deadly dangerous if performed by people who have zero experience. Consequently, the indirect promotion of extremely dangerous fighting techniques can increase the number of accidents, especially when kids try to act like their favorite wrestling heroes. Therefore, WWE always warns people not to try at home everything that they see on their screens.

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