5 reasons to love martial arts

It seems that everyone these days is into martial arts. If you’re still not a fan of MMA, it’s time to become one! If you’re wondering why you should go down that road, we have five good reasons for you.

It’s Ancient

MMA is a sport that doesn’t require many resources. What you need is a pair of fists, a pair of legs, and the will to beat the opponent.

This is why it’s no surprise that this goes all the way back to ancient times. Pankration an Ancient Greek word for “all of the power” referred to martial art. This was such a popular sport at the time it was included in the Ancient Olympic Games.

The ancient discipline of Pankration shares much with the sport we know today. Pankration employed different martial art techniques, including both striking and grappling.

Despite this similarity, modern MMA is not based on the Ancient Greek sport. It traces its roots in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and the street fighting culture of Hong Kong. There are also influences from professional wrestling.

Still, the similarities between the two are striking. Perhaps it is proof that the passion for MMA is in human nature.

Its More Than Fighting in the Cage

MMA fighting is often reduced to an idea that two fighters smash one another inside the cage. Yet, MMA events are much more than this simple assessment. The true drama of these matches often occurs before and after the fight.

Fighters often hold grudges against each other. Often the slights to their honor can lead to controversies heading into the fight. Press conferences have become brawls in the past. Occasionally fighters will continue their wars outside the cage. Connor McGregor and his team throwing chairs at Khabib Nurmagomedov’s bus after a match was a particularly egregious incident. It’s not all heels and fights. Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson and Sean O’Connell are both famous for being the friendliest fighters.

You Can Bet on Martial Arts

Martial arts traditions have always gone alongside wagering. Betting on the outcome that seems to make sport more interesting to most. MMA is represented on all top sports betting sites for this reason. It adds more excitement to your sporting passion.

The thrill of watching your fighter win the fight is hard to match. This goes especially if you’ve backed one that’s thought of as an underdog.

Underdogs Often Cause Upsets in MMA Fights

It takes just one lucky punch for an underdog to win the fight against a massive favorite. It’s happened countless times before, but if you want examples, here are some:

  • Georges St. Pierre losing the UFC Welterweight Championship to Matt Serra in 2007
  • Favored Ronda Rousey suffering her first-ever career defeat against Holly Holm in 2015
  • Mirko Cro Cop getting knocked out flat by Gabriel Gonzaga with a head kick in 2007

These are probably the most famous upsets in the history of MMA, but surprises do seem to happen all the time. Generally speaking, there are at least a couple of underdog wins in almost every MMA event.

There’s Always an MMA Event Going On

The Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is the most popular MMA league in the world. Owned by Dana White, it organizes events on a regular basis. The UFC seems to schedule an event every weekend. There are so many categories it can be hard to keep track. Main UFC events, UFC Fight Nights, Dana White’s Contender Series are only a few of the ways to enjoy.

The UFC is far from the only game in town. There are many other organizations looking to spread MMA as a sport. Bellator MMA, Pride, ONE Championship, and Cage Warriors is a short list that only scratches the surface.

Final Word

If these reasons weren’t enough to turn you into an MMA fan, the best advice for you is simple. Watch an MMA event and you’ll see how fun it can be. As we discussed, the UFC always has an event going on. The league is great at putting on a show for its fans. If you’re a bit of a gambler, it may be even easier to get the UFC betting side of the sport.

Don’t focus on the UFC because they have the most events. If the UFC isn’t intense enough for you check out Bellator MMA or Pride fights. All in all, there are many options to learn to love this ever more popular sport.

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