10 most useful sites for easy essay writing

It seems that teachers simply adore assigning essays since it’s an easy way to check how well-versed students are in a subject. Writing a brilliant paper requires not only theoretical knowledge, but also the ability to formulate a thesis, pick up arguments and think logically. Not to mention the consistent structuring of work and attention to detail.

But in fact, the writing process is not as scary as it might seem. With useful platforms, you can handle any task, and below, we have collected 10 such websites. And if the workload is overwhelming, you can make a custom essay order and let experienced authors do the job for you. Since they are incredibly qualified, your paper will be finished at the highest possible level. Isn’t it the best way to get rid of college stress and anxiety?

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Your text contains repetitions of the same words, but you can’t replace them in any way? Then Thesaurus will be a real find for you. The site has a simple and intuitive interface and it’s very easy to use. Just type the word in the search bar and a list of synonyms opens. Use them to make your essay richer and easier to read.

Teen Ink

Teen Ink may seem like a site for improving your writing skills, but its concept is actually different. The platform contains examples of the best essays by students from different countries. If you find yourself in a creative crisis, open Teen Ink, get inspired by the topics and get to work.

The Easy Essay

This site will help you structure your essay. All you have to do is to fill out a special form, answering the questions asked. As a result, your plan will be ready and you can fully rely on it during your work.


Researching and analyzing sources, formulating a thesis, writing a draft, editing and proofreading… It seems like an endless amount of work, but you just need the right organization. Trello enables you to create cards with tasks and indicate their deadline and description. By the way, the platform cooperates with many services, which is very convenient. Indeed, the Kanban method will allow you to become more productive and focused.

Google Docs

Tired of Microsoft Word? Use Google Docs then. This is a service that has everything you actually need:

  • Sync between multiple devices. Started the text on a laptop, and came up with a brilliant idea on the way home? Open your phone and add material to the doc. All files are stored in the cloud, you just need to log in and continue working;
  • Autocorrect. An indispensable feature to put the correct quotes, em dashes and symbols. Plus, you will be able to fix many typos and errors;
  • Collaboration. If you have a joint project with groupmates, Google Docs will be a magic wand. You will be able to leave comments on the side of the document and point out weaknesses.


An editor with a nice interface and the ability to track the storyline, as well as structure the text. The program has a scheduler and separate folders for storing photos, audio, video and pdf documents. Therefore, if you need additional files for work, they will be at hand.

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750 words

This service motivates those who are often distracted and cannot finish what they started. If you have a certain number of essays to hand in by the end of the semester, open a website and write a little each day.


In detective films, you have probably seen characters who attach cards with suspects and victims to the board, connecting everything with strings. This site is that board. But instead of victims and murderers, there will be your theses, arguments and examples.

Write or Die

This is a site for those in need of motivation. Write or Die will encourage and punish you! Once you get distracted, the program will make unpleasant sounds or delete random words.


The world-famous writer is known for his unique style: the sentences in his texts are short but strong. And most importantly, they are easy to perceive. If you want to write the same way, open the Hemingway platform: it will highlight too complex constructions in the text, such as passive voice, strange phrases, useless expressions, etc. As a result, your essay will be super easy to read.

To Wrap It Up

Many consider essay writing boring and difficult, as the process takes a lot of time and effort. But thanks to the right helpers, you can quickly get inspired. Brew your favorite coffee, turn on the Lo-Fi beats for concentration and discover the sites you like the most. They will certainly not disappoint you!

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