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New “behind the scenes” AEW show coming to TBS

A new AEW show is coming to TBS and a survey was sent out to WarnerMedia-owned Ringleaders subscribers with several names in contention for the show.

The show is described as “ushering in a new behind-the-scenes wrestling series like no other” where every episode tracks the core cast on the road at AEW events as they try to hold onto the titles they have or win back the ones they’ve lost.

“They all hope to walk away champions, but there aren’t enough belts for everybody,” the preview states. “Heroes will rise, villains will fall, champions will be crowned… and with more access, more star talent, and more drama than ever before, we’ll see it all through the eyes of the biggest names in the company.”

The survey asked subscribers what they think of the potential names including AEW: Friends and Enemies; Fight To The Finish; To The Mat; To The Top; Road To The Belt; Breakout; Grit And Glory; All Access; The Climb; On The Ropes; and Uprise.

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