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MJF says he will go with the highest bidder when AEW contract expires

Speaking to MMA journalist Ariel Helwani on The Ariel Helwani Show, one of AEW’s biggest stars, MJF, said that his current deal with AEW runs through January 2024 and did not hide the fact that he will be shopping for the highest bidder when time comes.

MJF noted that he would not re-sign with AEW before his contract expires unless they offer a ton of money and knows that WWE is super interested in his services.

He mentioned that he likes Bruce Pritchard and the two go back to his MLW days and thinks Pritchard has an amazing mind for the business and while he thinks what AEW is doing is fresh, he thinks WWE is doing great as well.

MJF revealed that WWE were interested in him before he signed with AEW but at the time he thought WWE would not let him be himself and that’s the biggest thing.

MJF also commented on Cody Rhodes leaving AEW and wished Rhodes a lot of luck, happiness, and a lot of money in WWE. MJF said that Rhodes was a big weapon in AEW’s arsenal and is interested to see what he does next.

“I respect what he is doing as a businessman. Quite frankly, by 2024, if people have an issue with me leaving to go make real money, then me and him are going to be fighting on the same exact island,” MJF told Helwani.

You can view the one-hour interview below.

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