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MJF praises boss Tony Khan in post-Dynamite speech

MJF showered Tony Khan with praises in a post-Dynamite speech which obviously got recorded and uploaded on the Internet by fans who were inside the arena.

MJF admitted that there’s “a lot of bullshit” that goes on in AEW and while he’s not always on the same page with his boss, he said that one thing no one can deny is the way Khan runs things.

“Imagine for one second if you had the opportunity to bring your love of professional wrestling to the world and create an alternative. Would you do it?” MJF asked the crowd.

“This man right here busts his ass week in week out to give not just you, but to give all the boys in the back an opportunity to show the world how much we love professional wrestling,” he continued as Khan stood across him in the ring.

MJF said that wrestlers risk their lives every time they go in the ring and they don’t take that lightly and something else he doesn’t take lightly is “somebody coming in to my company, dropping trow, and taking a dump.”

He said that that’s not happening anymore and the only reason why AEW is here is because of “Tony f*cking Khan.”

The number one contender for the AEW World title added that he loves WWE but wrestlers don’t get paid properly without an alternative.

Before he left, MJF reminded Khan that he needs to pay up in January 2024 or he’s out and he told fans to buy the PPV this Saturday. He then teased shaking Khan’s hands but in typical MJF style, he walked off and left.

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