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Kenny Omega and Will Ospreay argue over PWI 500 list

Newly crowned #1 rank in the PWI 500 Kenny Omega had a Twitter “argument” with New Japan’s Will Ospreay, who placed #7 himself.

In a tweet, Ospreay remarked that he’d beat up the number one pick “any day of the week and twice on Wednesdays.” Taking note of the tweet, Omega fired back, telling Ospreay that his promotion [NJPW] has been so “ice cold” since he left that not even Dave Meltzer, who is known for being pro-NJPW, could convince his followers that he was part of any best in the world conversation.

“It hurts me, bruv. One of you dorks should have been the guy. Turned out a bigger dog was my only competition,” Omega replied, referring to Roman Reigns, who placed #2.

Ospreay fired back, reminding Omega that the last time they had a chat, Omega wanted to be “the guy” and since Omega left New Japan, they sold out Madison Square Garden, sold more tickets at the Tokyo Dome than ever before and put on consecutive great shows.

“A pandemic put the breaks on & you know it. Open that door, let’s have this conversation,” Ospreay said.

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