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Jack Evans’ AEW contract not being renewed

Jack Evans, who has been with AEW since its inception in 2019, has announced that his contract will not be renewed once his deal ends on April 30.

“My time with #AEW has been a fun and enjoyable but it has come to an end as I will not be re-signed when my contract ends at the end of April,” he wrote in a post on social media. “I’d like to thank everyone at AEW and the AEW fans for the opportunity.”

Responding Twitter questions from fans, Evans said he thinks the release is largely because after the four-month COVID lay-off and the time off from the broken face, he had a performance drop off which he never really came back from. He admitted that he wasn’t giving “added value” to AEW and making cuts is “part of the business.”

Evans teamed up with Angelico to form The Hybrid2 but has not wrestled on AEW television in a while, although he did wrestle during the Dark tapings that aired last month on YouTube. Evans was lately part of the HFO.

AEW President Tony Khan did say that several contracts of AEW originals are coming to an end this year and he would not be renewing everyone’s deal due to other wrestlers coming in.

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