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Hangman Page “doing alright and feeling good” after concussion

A day after he was knocked out in the ring by a clothesline from Jon Moxley and a subsequent diagnosis of a concussion, Hangman Adam Page wrote on social media that he’s “doing alright and feeling good.”

Page thanked everyone for being so nice to him and mentioned that he had a nice panini for lunch.

“Thanks to Paul, medical, Mox, Brandon, BJ, etc, (insert introspective yet merciless quote about unfinished business here),” he wrote in the tweet.

Referee Paul Turner got the credit for immediately noticing danger and quickly calling for help. He then called off the match on the advice of Dr Sampson. Page was then transported to a trauma center where he was examined, diagnosed with concussion, and later discharged.

Page will now have to pass all AEW protocols to return to the ring and that could take a while. He joins Adam Cole on the sidelines who is still out injured due to concussion reasons.

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