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CM Punk and Tony Khan face the virtual press after Rampage

The newest addition to the All Elite Wrestling roster, CM Punk, faced the media virtually along with a beaming AEW President Tony Khan after Rampage went off the air last night.

Punk did not want to reveal details about his new contract but said this is a full-time gig and not part-time and he’s here to have fun, wrestle, and help anyone who wants help from him. While he’s free to do other things such as continue his MMA commentary duties etc, Punk said he’s focused on his AEW job right now and while he thinks the concept of the “forbidden door” is cool, he is not looking at other promotions until he’s settled here.

The former champ admitted that he was very emotional coming out and it felt like a real moment because fans in the stands cared. He thought he was going to cry more but kept his composure as he hugged fans and even jumped in between them during his entrance.

Punk said that he was extremely nervous backstage and Eddie Kingston went up to him and asked him why CM Punk would be nervous in Chicago of all places. Punk said being nervous is a good thing and he’s been in this position before where he didn’t care, and wasn’t nervous, and that’s never a good sign.

He described himself as a long-time wrestling fan and, “if you set something free and it comes back to you, then it’s true love!”

Punk added that he’s been talking to Tony Khan for a year-and-a-half about this one and COVID-19 obviously prolonged his return. “Some girls are easy to get in bed, I’m not. I needed to get wined and dined,” Punk joked.

He also jokingly blamed Renee Paquette for making him think about returning when he signed on with FOX Sports to be an analyst on WWE Backstage.

The full media scrum can be seen below.

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