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CJ Perry makes AEW debut at All Out


CJ Perry, the artist formerly known as Lana, and now referred to as the “hot & flexible” wife of Miro, made her AEW debut last night at All Out.

“Mrs Meat,” screamed Nigel McGuiness on commentary as fans popped big for her appearance.

Perry came out after the match between Hobbs and her husband Miro. As Powerhouse Hobbs was on top of Miro, she smashed him with a chair in the back. That didn’t do much damage and as Hobbs went to confront her, Miro recovered and then delivered his chair shot, which had a bit more effect.

The on-screen reunion between the husband and wife went sideways though as Miro then told her that she’s not real and walked off, leaving her alone in the ring.

In the post-show press conference, AEW President Tony Khan said that CJ Perry is not on a long-term contract with AEW but it was great to have her there nonetheless.

Perry has not appeared on any wrestling TV show since she was released from WWE in June 2021.