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Bryan Danielson delivers passionate speech after All Out goes off the air

Bryan Danielson had the honor to close out the All Out pay-per-view yesterday with a passionate speech about why he chose to come to All Elite Wrestling.

Standing in the middle of the ring with Christian, Luchasaurus, and Jungle Boy, Danielson said he is going to keep this short, which wasn’t a popular decision as fans started chanting “No!” And “Talk forever.” He said he wasn’t going to talk forever and joked that he would go and punch each and every person who says otherwise in the face!

The former WWE champ then went on to list why he and others chose to come to AEW over the past months. He said this might get a few boos, but the truth is, “I truly loved where I worked before.” Cue the boos, but then the fans started clapping. He said that he knows a lot of people who loved where they worked before and still left. Cue the cheers!

Reason number one why he left was the incredible talent. He put over Jurassic Express and those who have been in AEW since day one because those are the ones who believed it could be done. Danielson mentioned Chris Jericho, Jon Moxley and “the young men and women who busted their ass on the indie circuit” who came here to deliver.

“The second reason I came here is because God damn you guys are the best fans in the world!” That prompted a few more “Yes!” chants from the fans and Danielson said that as a performer, they have no idea how much it means to them when they cheer and boo in every match.

The third reason he came to AEW is to wrestle. “I never left wrestling, I took wrestling where ever I went. I said wrestling whenever I was not supposed to say wrestling and now I am here to God damn wrestle,” he said as the fans chanted in approval.

“There’s some people around here who call themselves Elite. I’m gonna be here to see if they truly are…so AEW, let’s f*cking go!”

You can check out the full speech below.

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