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Amanda Huber sets record straight on son’s involvement in AEW shows

Amanda Huber, the wife of the late Brodie Lee, posted an Instagram story responding to comments about AEW still using little Brodie, affectionately known as -1 of The Dark Order.

Amanda was annoyed at the word “exploitation,” which was used to describe AEW’s use of Brodie and felt the need to clear the air.

She said that AEW helped them pick up the pieces and the company has been behind her every step of the way, letting Brodie feel “like he’s a part of something.” She noted that there are no storylines involving him, but just him being connected to a huge part of him that is missing.

“What everyone doesn’t see on the other side of social media is a kid who is carrying so much grief yet so much joy. A kid who is excelling in his therapy. A kid who despite the worst few months of his life got 10-As and 3-B’s on his report card last week,” she wrote. “On days we go to AEW you are all missing him doing his school work from a hotel room because going to AEW is a privilege.”

Amanda told fans that her Instagram “isn’t grief porn” and it’s never going to be a place where she wants people to go and feel sorry for her. “It’s photos of my journey. So come join me. Just know I didn’t die the day my husband did, I’m very much alive and full of fight,” she wrote.

Amanda, who is very active on Instagram, also shares friendship with many WWE Superstars as well, often uploading images of her kids playing at TJ and Nattie’s house and Brodie training in a ring with TJ Wilson.

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