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AEW’s video game to be titled Fight Forever

The upcoming AEW console video game will be titled Fight Forever and the name was revealed by AEW President Tony Khan last night to fans in the arena.

Appearing in front of the fans, Khan told everyone that they’re all entering into a verbal contract with him and asked if they all want to be part of the AEW Fight Forever game. The fans obviously obliged and then Khan said they have to promise him that they have to save some energy for Rampage too!

Ring announcer Justin Roberts then led the fans to some chants which were being recorded specifically for the video game.

The chants were for FTR, referee Aubrey Edwards, Jeff Hardy, Sting, Adam Cole, and Hangman Adam Page.

Japan-based Yuke’s is developing the game for AEW but there is no info on a release date yet.

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