WWE titles on Raw renamed but lineage remains


WWE.COM is now referring to the WWE Tag Team and Women’s titles which are part of the Raw brand as the Raw Tag Team and Raw Women’s titles and no longer as the overall WWE titles. The change in name is to put the Smackdown titles on an equal level as their Raw counterparts.

As far as the previous holders go, both the Tag Team and Women’s titles from Raw kept their original lineage, even though there’s not much on the Women’s title which is listed as having been created in 2016. The original Women’s title is listed as being retired in 2010. The Tag Team title is listed as created in 2002, different from the WWE World Tag Team title which is also listed as retired in 2010 after a 39-year history.

All Raw-branded titles will be on the line at the upcoming Clash of Champions pay-per-view which takes place in two weeks time.