WWE Superstars save Daniel Bryan in exciting RAW ending


JBL called it anarchy while Jerry Lawler called it an uprising. And it just might have been both!

The ending of last night’s RAW made some of the best television in a while as several WWE Superstars came to the rescue of Daniel Bryan after he was attacked by Randy Orton and The Shield.

The Usos, Rob Van Dam, Prime Time Players, Dolph Ziggler, Justin Gabriel, Kofi Kingston, Zack Ryder, and R-Truth all came down to clean house as the WWE fans in Cleveland went bananas with their ‘yes’ chants, joined by everyone in the ring pumping their hands.

“It’s a coup versus the Triple H regime,” exclaimed Lawler as Bryan was hoisted on the shoulders of Prime Time Players after the faces cleared the ring.

In previous weeks, Triple H has threatened anyone who gets involved in helping Bryan so it will be interesting going forward to see where the storyline leads after 10 Superstars “defied” the order.