WWE Studios finally lands a big hit with The Call

WWE Studios finally lands a big hit with The Call
March 18
16:54 2013

WWE Studios landed their first hit in forever – or maybe even their first hit ever – with the movie The Call, which opened in the second place in the box office chart over the weekend making $17,118,745 in box office receipts.

The movie – which has Halle Barry in the leading role and WWE Superstar David Otunga in a small part – was produced by Troika Pictures and WWE Studios with TriStar Pictures distributing.

The movie had a budget of $13 million and exceeded all expectations during the weekend.

The other WWE Studios movie which is in theaters too, Dead Man Down with Colin Farrell and Wade Barrett in a small role, bombed with only $9.3 million in revenue in 10 days. It opened in the fourth place in box office charts and is now down to 11.


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