Video of Bo Dallas’ arrest at DFW makes its way online


TMZ obtained the video of the arrest of Bo Dallas which was captured from a body camera of one of the two officers who responded to the call.

Dallas was arrested at the Dallas/Fort Worth airport at the end of August after he was ejected from flight Envoy 3331 which was headed to Puebla, Mexico.

The video shows the officers taking his bag which he forgot about and then find the young Superstar sitting down at a different gate playing with his phone. Dallas is visibly drunk and slurring his words and dropped his belongings, including his phone and passport. The officers then proceed to put cuffs on him and arrest him for public intoxication.

He was then escorted to a police car which was waiting and they asked him who he wrestles for and under what name. Thankfully he wasn’t that drunk not to remember and did say WWE and his name was Bo Dallas.

You can see the 2:30 video below.