Tyson Kidd undergoing neck surgery this week


Former WWE Tag Team champion Tyson Kidd will be undergoing neck surgery over the next few days to repair the damage he suffered at the hands of Samoa Joe and his Muscle Buster finisher.

Kidd posted a photo from hospital on his Twitter account in a neck brace with his wife Natalya by his side saying, “A little pre-op today. Grateful to have my best friend by my side. In 36 hours I unleash my mutant healing powers…“

Kidd was injured a couple of weeks ago during a dark match before Raw when wrestling Samoa Joe. Joe hit the Muscle Buster on Kidd but Kidd landed awkwardly on his neck. WWE never acknowledged what kind of injury he sustained.

The Canadian was having good momentum with his tag team partner Cesaro lately but that was cut short with the injury. Bret Hart, in comments to Sports Illustrated, said that Joe’s finisher on Tyson was “reckless.”