The New Day surprise 92 year old fan


13abc Action News in Ohio has a story about 92 year old WWE fan Alice Boraby who had a ticket to see Smackdown this week but health problems prevented her from attending. Her efforts did not go unnoticed and her favorite tag team, The New Day, had a surprise for her!

After going to the 13abc studios to promote the event, The New Day heard about the story and they teamed up with the news station to deliver a special message to Alice.

“Hey Alice, we hear you are not feeling too well but we have a special message from your friends The New Day,” said Xavier Woods.

“So we’re going to clap your worries away and make you feel good. We have a special clap just for you,” Kofi said, telling her to join if she likes. The trio then proceeded to do the ‘New Day rocks’ clap.

Alice, who is being cared for at Hospice of Northwest Ohio, was visited by 13abc and they brought a laptop with them with the video message.

“Oh my God that was wonderful,” a smiling Alice said. “They’re just as crazy as I am. You wonderful guys. Take care you guys!”

Alice has 6 children and said she can’t wait to show them the video! Her children originally bought her the ticket to go watch Smackdown.

You can watch the video below.