Taped interview from Raw at WWE HQ with Daniel Bryan leaks online


A taped interview with Daniel Bryan which aired on Raw last Monday “live” from the WWE Headquarters in Stamford, Connecticut, leaked online.

In the footage you can see people roaming around Bryan and his interviewer, Renee Young, as Bryan talks about his elimination from the Royal Rumble, Roman Reigns as the winner, and his casket match with Kane which was going to take place a few days afterward on Smackdown.

“Is that better?” Bryan asks the producers after the interview is done. A voice from the background is heard saying, “Much better.” Bryan continues, “The stuff with Roman, does that sound good?” The producer says, “I think it’s fine.”

Bryan then questions the first draft where apparently there was a line that said “pro wrestler” and then the producer jumps in and said that he re-wrote it “WWE-style.”

This obviously was not supposed to make it anywhere on the air but somehow someone managed to get it. You can see the interesting behind-the-scenes video below.