Survivor Series 2017 betting odds


WWE Universal champion Brock Lesnar is currently at 1/6 to win tonight’s champion vs champion match against Smackdown’s AJ Styles, with the WWE champion at 7/2 for the upset.

The male Smackdown team is still leading in the odds with a win for the blue team at 2/5 while the Raw team is at 7/4 for the win, certainly not good news for Kurt Angle! The story is different for the women’s 5-on-5 match, with Team Raw led by Alicia Fox at 3/10 to win and the Smackdown team led by Becky Lynch at 11/5.

The Shield are the overwhelming favorites for their match against The New Day, with odds for The Shield at 1/18 while The New Day are a distant 11/2. The Usos have the edge on Sheamus and Cesaro in the odds, with 4/9 for the Smackdown Tag Team champions and 13/8 odds for the Raw Tag Team champs. It’s also looking good for Smackdown when it comes to the women’s champion vs champion match, with Charlotte at 1/6 in odds and Alexa Bliss at 7/2. Intercontinental champion The Miz is favorite at 8/11 and United States champion Baron Corbin is evens.

In terms of Raw vs Smackdown, team red has four favorites on the card while Smackdown has three.

Odds are correct as of time of publishing and are likely to change as it gets closer to bell time. Please bet responsibly if you decide to play money.