Stephen Amell injured while training for SummerSlam


Stephen Amell, the Hollywood actor who portrays Arrow on The CW series, got injured while training for his SummerSlam match according to Wrestling Observer.

Amell suffered a cracked jaw and his molars were indented into his tongue, causing it to swell. Amell is apparently in New Orleans per his Twitter and sort of addressed the injury. “If I don’t karaoke with my broken tongue, I’m doing a disservice to myself and all of you,” he wrote.

The match is one of the attractions of SummerSlam as Amell’s involvement will bring in free coverage from celebrity websites. It is not known if his injury now will effect the match.

Amell also did a Facebook Live session where he addressed the injury and his involvement on Raw. Amell said that he cannot speak highly enough of WWE and how he was welcomed last week, saying it was a cool experience and can’t wait to see everyone at SummerSlam. You can see it below.