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Smackdown! Live TV report for 03/14/2017




Introduction: Video Promo

A montage of last week’s Smackdown! Live and Talking Smack combines the scenario surround the WWE Championship which includes Randy Orton, Commissioner Shane McMahon, and A.J. Styles.

Office Promo

We are live now, with General Manager Daniel Bryan on his cell-phone talking about tonight’s Smackdown! A.J. Styles barges in, demanding to see Commissioner McMahon. Daniel says that Shane will be there later, and A.J. is going to the ring to tell everyone what’s on his mind.

Arena Promo

A.J. Styles marches out and takes the microphone right away. Seething, he rants about his feelings of being “messed around by Daniel Bryan and Shane McMahon.” He compares his path to Cena, who he insinuates that he just gets what he asks for, while he has to go through many hoops to get an opportunity. He vents that he will chat with Shane about his future.

Later tonight, Randy Orton will lecture WWE Champion Bray Wyatt, and up next, Becky Lynch will wrestle Natalya!


Match #1: Single – Becky Lynch VS. Natalya

They lockup and Becky sweeps up Natalya, who crawls under the ropes for a break. Lynch reverses a whip-into-the-corner, but Nattie calls for a timeout. Natalya holds her hand for a handshake, but Becky slaps back harshly. (Literally!) Lynch follows with an STF, but Natalya makes it to the ropes and slides to the floor.


They battle on the outside with Natalya planting Becky with a Michinoku Driver! (sit-down scoop-slam). In the ring, Nattie takes control with a grounding rear-chinlock. She whips her hard into the turnbuckle, but misses a follow-up splash. Lynch forearms back a few times but is hit with a knee-and-slap. Becky hits back again and then slams her with an exploder-suplex! She tries for a running-forearm in the corner, but Natalya catches her and places her on top of the turnbuckle. she tries something, but Becky rolls through into her Dis-Arm-Her hold, forcing Nattie to give-in!

Winner via Submission: Becky Lynch

Post-match, Carmella, along with James Ellsworth, suddenly kicks Becky.

Video Promo

Clips of John Cena’s hosting gig of the Kids Choice Awards from last Saturday airs.


Backstage Promo

Carmella and James Ellsworth are walking through the halls, and Carmella declares that she wants to be eligible for the Women’s Championship Match at WrestleMania.

Arena Promo

The Miz and Maryse are in the ring, with Miz pronouncing them “the ‘it’ couple.” He shows footage from last week’s Smackdown! Live and Talking Smack of their beef with John Cena and Nikki Bella. It goes back to Total Divas when Maryse was supposed to be on the show, but she says that Nikki stopped her chance. Maryse not-so-subtle warns Nikki about revenge.

Cena and Nikki storm out, and Maryse and Miz escape to the aisle. Nikki tells Maryse her side, but Miz soon cuts her off and says that MizTV is over. GM Bryan walks out and tells Miz that he is not General Manager. Daniel makes another WrestleMania match – The Miz and Maryse VS. John Cena and Nikki Bella!

Up next, Mickie James takes on Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss


Match #2: Single – Mickie James VS. Women’s Champion Alexa Bliss (Non-Title)

They shove each other and then lockup. The referee has to separate them and then Alexa kicks Mickie in the gut. They trade stomps in the corner, and then Bliss presses her knee against Mickie’s head on the middle rope. James dumps Alexa to the floor, but is caught while to baseball-slide her; Bliss slams her on the floor!


Alexa is governing until Mickie hits a kick and takes over. She almost takes this a couple of times after a boot and fisherman’s-suplex! Bliss regains a bit of momentum, but Mickie hurricanranas her out of the corner and kicks her. She almost loses because of a sunset-flip out of the corner, and then they trade pin-combos. Alexa hits Mickie with her hand, but misses a standing-moonsault. James takes advantage with her Mick-Kick and covers for the victory!

Winner via Pinfall: Mickie James

Backstage Promo

Rene Young interviews A.J. Styles in the parking area; he promises to do something about not having a match at WrestleMania. Commissioner Shane McMahon arrives and is blind-sided by A.J.! “The Phenomenal One” assaults the Commissioner, finishing by ramming his head through a car window! Rene and agent/former wrestler Fit Finlay call for help as Shane is bleeding.


Backstage Promo

Shane is being helped by the doctor and other personnel.

Locker Room Promo

The Usos – Jimmy and Jey – and Curt Hawkins are wondering why A.J. attacked McMahon; A.J. walks out to be met by General Manager Daniel Bryan, who promptly fires him and has police escort him away.


Match #3: Single – Mojo Rawley VS. Dolph Ziggler

Dolph tries some amateur moves first, but those don’t work so Ziggler eye-pokes Rawley. He tries again, but continues to be bested, so he walks out and counted-out.

Winner via Count-Out: Mojo Rawley


Arena Promo

Randy Orton saunters down the aisle to the ring. He tells us that his partnership with WWE Champion Bray Wyatt was his own plan so he could “get to” Bray. He realized he had to get rid of “Sister Abigail,” so that’s why he burned the compound a couple of weeks ago on Smackdown! Live. He vows to “take everything” from Wyatt at WrestleMania

Bray appears on the Titantron. He says that “Sister Abigail” lives on and alludes that “she” will guide him; he messes up his face with mud, which is presumably the “ashes” of “Sister Abigail.”

Up next, Tag-Team Champions American Alpha will face


Backstage Promo

Baron Corbin is asked about his attack on Dean Ambrose last week.

Match #4: Tag-Team – Tag-Team Champions American Alpha (Jason Jordan and Chad Gable) VS. The Usos (Jimmy and Jey) (Non-Title)

Chad and Jimmy begin, but Jimmy quickly trades with Jey and Gable switches with Jordan. Alpha gain some momentum before the break, double-dropkicking both Usos off of the top turnbuckle!


The Usos get in control when Jason is pushed form the ropes face-first onto the ring apron. Jimmy and Jey take over for a bit until Jimmy hits the ring post after a run. During this, we see Shane McMahon deciding to come out to the ring instead.

Gable gets the hot-tag but is pushed from the corner and caught in the middle turnbuckle; Jimmy superkicks Jason, and Jey lands on Jason in a victory-roll position to take this!

Winners via Pinfall: The Usos

Arena Promo

Commissioner McMahon struggles to the stage and announces “A.J. Styles doesn’t have an opponent for WrestleMania; he does now.” The show closes.

End of Smackdown! Live.

Moe Tapp has been reporting for Wrestling-Online since January 2011, first for Raw and now for Smackdown! Live, as well as the occasional Live Event when it comes to his home-city. He has been following various pro wrestling companies and television shows continuously for over 20 years. Outside of wrestling, Moe enjoys spending time with family and friends, reading mostly non-fiction, and listening to Rock N' Roll.


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