Seth Rollins starts physical therapy on his knee


Former WWE champion Seth Rollins has started physical therapy on his knee, attending two sessions of two and a half hours each, following his surgery on November 11. Doctors had to reconstruct his knee after he tore his MCL, ACL, and meniscus.

“The therapy sessions are really brutal, a lot worse than I expected them to be,” Rollins said, adding that he’s living a life which is a complete 180 of what he lived before.

Dr. Kevin Wilk, the Associate Clinical Director at Champion Sports Medicine said that Rollins is very motivated and wants to get back as fast as possible. “He’s really ahead of the course for most people and even professional athletes have,” he said, confirming that Rollins will have a full recovery and be better than ever before.

Due to the extensive rehab, Rollins is living in Birmingham, Alabama, close to the rehab facility. WWE cameras are filming his recovery, which is expected to take between six and nine months, for a possible WWE Network special in conjunction with his return to the ring.

You can see the video of Rollins at the rehab center where he gives additional comments on his progress below.