Seth Rollins re-injures knee that had torn ACL


WWE.COM is reporting that Seth Rollins has suffered an injury on the same leg that he previously tore his ACL in 2015.

The injury is real and WWE tied it to the beatdown he was on the receiving end of on Raw thanks to Samoa Joe. WWE says that Rollins is set to be evaluated later this week to see the extent of his injury. Cameras captured Rollins exiting out of the arena on two crutches and was then helped going inside a car before driven away.

Rollins already missed last year’s WrestleMania due to the injury he suffered months earlier and if this one is serious, it’s most likely that he will miss WrestleMania 33 as well. Rollins is set to face Triple H in Orlando.

UPDATE: Rollins acknowledged the injury on Twitter, saying he wishes this was all just a bad dream, along with a photo of his messed up knee.