Santino Marella to appear at anti-bullying event in NYC on July 2

Santino Marella to appear at anti-bullying event in NYC on July 2
June 24
16:03 2014

WWE Superstar Santino Marella will be at Dylan’s Candy Bar in New York City on July 2 for an open-to-public event that will benefit Champions Against Bullying.

The event, in association with Bazooka Candy Brands, will see Marella join Juicy Drop’s official luchador, Señor Sour, for a “Dare to Test Your Limits” party featuring a “Wheel of Dares.” Fans will have the opportunity to spin the wheel and take on fun dares with Santino Marella and Señor Sour for the chance to win candy prizes and more. The afternoon culminates at the Anti-Bullying Champion Station where kids can pledge to “dare” to stop bullying.

For each person who attends the event, Bazooka Candy Brands will donate $1 to Champions Against Bullying, a non-profit committed to creating a society where every child has the opportunity to develop, learn and thrive in an environment without fear, without violence and without limitation.

The event will take place from 3PM to 5PM at 1011 Third Ave at 60th St. Call on 646-735-0078 for more information.


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