Santa Clara and Philadelphia fight to host WrestleMania 31

Santa Clara and Philadelphia fight to host WrestleMania 31
August 21
14:25 2013

The San Jose Mercury News is reporting that Santa Clara is battling Philadelphia to host WrestleMania in 2015.

Officials from the San Francisco 49ers as well as Mayor Jamie Matthews are flying to Stamford, Connecticut, next week to meet WWE and others to discuss the bid.

If Santa Clara gets WrestleMania, the brand new Levi’s Stadium would be the host of the show, with the plan to temporary expand the seating up to 75,000 from the 68,500.

“It really is the wrestling world’s Super Bowl,” said the Mayor on Tuesday. “Like the NFL championship game, the first WrestleMania ever in Northern California would be something that will benefit the cities around us economically and cement our preeminence as a sports capital here.”


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