Raw rating for 01/25/2016


The fallout from the Royal Rumble garnered a lot of interest with an average viewership of 4,098,000, up 600,000 viewers from last week’s show.

Hour one did 4,140,000 viewers, then increased to 4,183,000 with The Rock’s second hour, and then it went slightly down to 3,972,000 in the third and final hour with the big Fastlane main event reveal.

The show only lost 211,000 viewers from hour one to hour three, a big difference from last week’s drop of 650,000 viewers. This week’s Raw was the highest rated Raw since the February 23, 2015 edition. It also had the highest rated first hour since March 23, 2015, and the second highest rated second hour since January 19, 2015. (Ratings credit: Showbuzzdaily.com)