Monday Night Raw TV report for 09/21/2015


Night Of Champions featured new champions and two big returns. I won’t spoil for those who haven’t watched, but the returns were surprising as was one of the title changes. All the happenings from the Pay-Per-View/Network show will continue tonight, so read on!

Monday Night Raw TV Report for September 21st, 2015 – “Turn-Styles”

Introduction Segment: Welcoming and Arena Promo

The Wyatt Family’s video plays immediately and the trio walk to the ring. Bray preaches it didn’t matter how loud they yelled or how much they smashed up, Reigns would still not get the message. “I am no liar; matter of fact, I am the man…” Roman interrupts and answers, challenging Wyatt to a one-on-one fight; he says it doesn’t even have to be an official bout. Bray doesn’t respond, so Roman accuses him of being scared. Bray whispers into Strowman and Harper’s ears and they back off.

Wyatt and Reigns slug away, with Roman hitting the Superman Punch. Luke slides back in and begins to pound away, as does Braun. Dean Ambrose charges out to the rescue but is soon picked apart. It turns into 3-on-2 until a returning Randy Orton runs down the ramp! He brawls with the family and evens the odds. Orton backdrops Luke on the announcer’s table, then gets into a punch-up with Braun. It takes hits from Randy, Dean, and Roman to put Strowman to the floor! The two sides stare at each other from the ramp and ring, respectively.

Segment #2: Video Promo

Recap of Seth Rollins’ title matches at Night Of Champions is aired.

Segment #3: Office Promo

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins is pacing outside The Authority’s room then barges in. instead of Triple H and Stephanie, he finds Kane, back in corporate attire. Kane tells Rollins he is back in WWE as Director Of Operations, and acts like he was not involved in Night Of Champions, but has been getting better for the last two months. Kane has given Seth a rematch for the United States Championship in tonight’s main-event!


Match #1: Six-Man Tag-Team – The Astral Alliance (Stardust and The Ascension) VS. Neville and The Lucha Dragons

Konnor and Cara begin, with Sin tied up in a wristlock, which he flips through but is kicked. The Ascension and Stardust take control over Cara for a while. Sin manages a tag to Neville who is quick all over Stardust! He tries the Red Arrow, but The Ascension distracts him and allows Stardust to hit a springboard kick.


The Astral Alliance is back in domination, working on Neville. Stardust clamps on a reverse Guerrero Special Submission, but Neville flips out of it and tags in Kalisto. He cleans house on The Astrals, finishing Viktor with his reverse suplex DDT and cover to get the victory!

Winners via Pinfall: Neville and The Lucha Dragons (Kalisto and Sin Cara)


Segment #4: Backstage Promo

Seth is limping through the hallways and is pleased to see The Authority. He tells Steph and HHH what has happened, and they look a little befuddled. “The Game” and Stephanie tell Rollins to worry about getting the U.S. Championship again, and they’ll deal with Kane.

Ryback makes his entrance and will be in action , next!


Match #2: Single – Ryback VS. Bo Dallas

(Note: Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens is on commentary; and Dallas tells Ryback that he didn’t defeat Owens because he “bo-lieved” he was better than Kevin) Ryback totally controls, slamming and suplexing Bo around. Bo comes back with some knees and a kick-to-the-head, then clutches on a grounding rear chinlock.

Ryback breaks out, giving Dallas a suplex and spinebuster. He soon completes this after the Meathook Clothesline and Shellshock Marching Samoan Drop.

Winner via Pinfall: Ryback

Post-match, Kevin immediately attacks Ryback, but escapes before getting Shellshocked.

Up next, Charlotte will celebrate her Divas Championship win!


Segment #5: Arena Promo

Ric Flair is out to take joy in his girl’s Divas Championship victory! “The Nature Boy” first recalls a time in this town in 1972, then some of his life’s accomplishments. He states, however, that none of it compares to seeing his baby girl win the Divas Championship. The woman herself now comes out, with Team PCB partners Paige and Becky Lynch. They are all happy, with Charlotte and Flair simultaneously “wooo-ing!” Charlotte gives props to her father, which makes him tear up, and thanks Paige and Becky too.

Paige now takes the microphone and rips into Charlotte, Becky, and the rest of the Divas. Paige lets out a lot of feelings of not getting proper recognition, calling Charlotte and the wrong Divas getting the shine. “Becky, back off. You know what? You’re never, you’re never going to be a Divas Champion; you know why? Because you’re the least relevant of all of us. And let’s go to Team B.A.D.; they’re all ‘flash,’ no ‘substance.’ And then you’ve got Lana and Summer; too busy trying to find out who they want to climb onto next rather than the Divas Division. And then you’ve got Nattie; Nattie where are you? Do you even work here anymore? I can’t hear you Mrs. Hart. And then you’ve got The Bellas. You all know the ‘real’ reason they got to where they are. You all know the real reason. No, I am not done, I am not done. (To Charlotte) Stop trying to act like somebody because you wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for your old man. ‘Woooo!’” Paige tosses the microphone and walks off in a huff, yelling “this is my house” by the ‘Tron.

Nikki, Brie, and Alicia walk out and mock what just happened. “Welcome to my world, when you succeed and you’re on top, and when everyone around you becomes jealous of you. Can you handle it? Can you handle it? It doesn’t look like you can handle it. Obviously Paige couldn’t handle it, but I mean, I handled it for nearly a year, but that’s ‘cus I was woman enough. And Charlotte, do you think this gets any easier? Do you? Because you know it doesn’t, right?” She finishes by saying that Charlotte won’t measure up to both Brie when she wrestles her next, and herself when they have their rematch.


Match #3: Single – Divas Champion Charlotte (with Becky Lynch) VS. Brie (with Team Bella partners Nikki and Alicia Fox)

Brie taunts Charlotte, then flips her over with a side headlock takedown. Charlotte hits back with knees-to-the-face, but Brie also hits knees to Charlotte’s head. She follows with a second-turnbuckle missile dropkick, but is soon slapped in the corner. Charlotte tries to grab her on the apron, but Brie slips out and throws her into the steel steps. She puts Charlotte back in the ring and rams her shoulder into Charlotte’s gut.

Brie yanks Charlotte out of the corner by her leg, but is spun around and rolled up for a quick count. Brie goes back to work on the leg with a spinning hold, then kicks away. She ties up Charlotte’s left knee in the bottom rope, then runs at her with a knee twice. She chop-blocks Charlotte after slipping out of a slam, then ties her up in a half-crab. Charlotte gets out of it and makes her comeback, catching Brie with the Spear and locking her in the Figure-8; Brie taps quickly!

Winner via Submission: Divas Champion Charlotte (with Becky Lynch)


Match #4: Single – Sheamus VS. Mark Henry

The two engage in shoves, then Henry blocks a punch and gives one of his own. Sheamus kicks and punches back, but is scoop-slammed and clotheslined to the floor. He climbs to the apron and gives Mark a few slugs to the chest, but they are quickly blocked. Henry tries a big scoop-slam, but Sheamus backs out and has to Brogue Kick “The World’s Strongest Man” twice to get the 1 – 2 – 3!

Winner via Pinfall: Sheamus


Segment #6: Office Promo

Kane is enjoying a sip from his “World’s Greatest Director Of Operations” mug (thanks Dad, for pointing that out!) when Steph and Triple H walk in. They are wondering what is going on, and Kane tells them he’s signed a new contract. They seem uncomfortable, especially when Stephanie sees Kane’s mask is not in the box. Kane doesn’t know what she’s talking about, and insinuates difficulties if she doesn’t have his mask.

Segment #7: Backstage Promo

Paige sees someone off camera and wonders if they’re still a part of the company. That person is Natalya. She says Paige made some good comments, but they way she went about it during Charlotte’s time was wrong. Paige smirks as Natalya goes to get ready for her match with Naomi.

Tag-Team Champions The New Day make their entrance for a Six-Man, next!


Segment #8: Arena Promo

The New Day are in the ring, with Xavier holding both the mike and some table in a plastic bag. The object is one that doctors had to take out of his rear after Night Of Champions, where he was put through a table by The Dudleyz. Kofi says that Bubba and D-Von “must be stopped,” and Big E. comes up with a solution of building “a wall around Dudleyville.” Kofi leads the crowd in a “Save…the tables” call, which he claims will “make WWE great again.”

Match #5: Six-Man Tag-Team – Tag Team Champions The New Day (Big E. and Kofi Kingston) (with New Day/Tag-Team Champion partner Xavier Woods) and Rusev (with Summer Rae) VS. The Dudley Boyz (Bubba Ray and D-Von) and Dolph Ziggler

Dolph and Kofi begin, trading wristlocks. Ziggler runs off the ropes with a shoulder-block, then flips onto his feet out of a monkey-flip, and gives Kingston a monkey-flip of his own. D-Von is tagged in and drops a big elbow on Kofi, then punches away on his head. Kofi manages a tag to Big E, then The Dudleyz and Dolph chase Rusev out of the ring.


Dolph and Big E. are wrestling, with Dolph flipping out of a headlock/backdrop, then hitting a dropkick. New Day and Rusev soon take control, with Xavier playing the trombone during repeated kicks and a slingshot-dropkick. Rusev and Dolph go at it, wit Rusev yelling at Dolph “Lana is mine!” Rusev misses a splash in the corner, and Dolph drives him to the canvas with a leaping-DDT! Both are down, but make the necessary tags to Bubba and Kofi, respectively. He is all over Kofi, and pushes Big E. off the apron. He gives Kingston a sidewalk slam, ducks a springboard move, and one-arm slams him down! Bubba boots E. in the face, then clotheslines Rusev. He tags in D-Von, and they double-suplex Rusev, then give him “What’s Up” (headbutt to crotch) with Dolph doing the dive.

It’s Ziggler and Rusev left, so Xavier gets Dolph’s attention with the trombone. Dolph kicks Xavier to the floor, but turns into a big kick by Rusev for the 1 – 2 – 3!

Winners via Pinfall: Tag Team Champions The New Day (Big E. and Kofi Kingston) (with New Day/Tag-Team Champion partner Xavier Woods) and Rusev (with Summer Rae)

Michael Cole announces that The Dudleys will face The New Day again for the Tag Titles on October 3rd, from Madison Square Garden in New York city, on the WWE Network.


Match #6: Single – Naomi (with Team B.A.D. partners Tamina and Sasha Banks) VS. Natalya

They face-off and execute a few double-moves. Natalya grabs Naomi against the ropes, but Naomi kicks high to the head of Natalya. Naomi wears down Natalya for a bit, but as Natalya attempts a comeback, Sasha and Tamina give some aid, allowing Naomi to hit the Rear-View on her.

Winner via Pinfall: Naomi (with Team B.A.D. partners Tamina and Sasha Banks)

Segment #8: Office Promo

Stephanie and Triple H are discussing when Rollins walks back in. He wants to know what’s going on, and they try to settle him by saying Kane is calm again as the Director Of Operations. Seth doesn’t go with that explanation, but “The Game” doesn’t want to hear it. He reiterates that they will deal with Kane while he should deal with John Cena.


Match #7: Single – The Big Show VS. Cesaro

Show completely governs this bout, and despite a certified effort from Cesaro, Show takes it after a Knockout Punch!

Winner via Pinfall: The Big Show

Post-match, Show gets on the mike and declares that he will run over Brock Lesnar on October 3rd, live on WWE Network.

Up next is our Title Match main-event!


It is announced that Dolph Ziggler and Ryback will meet Rusev and Intercontinental Champion Kevin Owens this week on Smackdown!

Segment #9: Video Promo

Luke Harper says that he “hears voices too” and that “Bray Wyatt saved me.” He looks to Braun Strowman, who tells us “I caught a snake once. I skinned it; it’s in a better place now.” Bray concludes “they all fall down.”

NEW United States Champion John Cena makes his entrance and will be defending against Seth Rollins!


Match #8: Single for the United States Championship – John Cena (Champion) VS. WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins (Challenger)

Following formal in-ring introductions, Rollins clotheslines Cena right after Lillian finished. The bell officially rings and Seth is in control. He gives Cena a neckbreaker for two, then continues to punch away. He attempts a Pedigree, but Cena turns it into an S.T.F. try. Rollins flips out with a kick, then Cena launches back with a clothesline.


Seth is still working over Cena with a rear chinlock, but Cena stands up and backs Rollins into the corner. The WWE World Heavyweight Champion measures Cena with a standing side headlock, but Cena gets out of it and rockets himself with a couple shoulder-tackles. It goes back-and-forth with false finishes and finishers.

Rollins leaps off the top turnbuckle, but Cena moves and Rollins lands on his feet, but Cena trips him into the S.T.F. Rollins struggles but is able to grab the bottom rope for the break. He goes to the top again and lands on Cena with a Frogsplash, but Cena rolls over and plants Rollins with the Attitude Adjustment to get the victory!

Winner and STILL United States Champion via Pinfall: John Cena

Post-match, Cena walks to the back (signing a poster for a young, sick-looking fan), and Rollins is alone in the ring. Kane appears on screen. He warns Rollins “to be the best-possible WWE World Heavyweight Champion you could be.” He says that many are after him, including “people you wouldn’t even imagine in your worst nightmares.”

Kane’s pyro explodes on the stage, and then he, in costume, climbs through the ring and drags Seth down the hole in the mat. Kane’s corner pyro goes off and smoke rises through the hole to close the show.

End Of Raw.

Reporter’s Rumblings – By Moe Tapp

This was a pretty great Raw coming off a decent Pay-Per-View/Network show. I liked a few of the twists tonight and the wrestling was great! Let’s read the particulars:

Excellence: Promos by Kane/Rollins/Authority. Love Kane’s new turn-around and this will provide both comedy and seriousness going along with this feud. Kane has become really great in the last few years (Team Hell-No, and now “Corporate” Kane) with changing himself up to be fresh.

Promo by Big Show; even though it was the basic “I’m going to beat you,” he really came across as a ticked-off behemoth and made himself very believable. Matches between Brie/Charlotte, New Day/Rusev and Dudleyz/Dolph, Show/Cesaro, and Rollins/Cena.

The New Day can do no wrong in the ring/on the mike!

Absolutely LOVED Paige’s turn; this is the attitude I wanted her to have her first time as a heel. And I’m so glad the crowd reacted appropriately and booed her strongly. I also enjoyed Ric’s promo and his/Charlotte’s genuine interaction.

Bogus: Henry/Sheamus (one-off), Natalya/Naomi (could’ve been better/longer), Luchas/Neville and The Astral Alliance (not into this feud).

I’m running low on Reigns/Ambrose/now Orton VS. The Wyatts. I think with Wyatt’s win at N.O.C., the rivalry should’ve ended there. If Jericho was sticking around, then the way the finish for the Pay-Per-View/Network match ended should led to Ambrose/Reigns VS. Jericho. I also don’t think this should’ve started Raw; WWE World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins should’ve!

While I’m happy that Charlotte has the title, it was six nights to late for momentum. They really should’ve had her win it with just a few seconds left on Nikki’s reign, and not have Nikki break the record. The “Bella-bration” from Smackdown! was horrid (bad idea) and the bout at N.O.C. would’ve had more steam if Nikki was the challenger/did not make her time before.

Until Smackdown!, Be Excellent Wrestling-Online Readers and Fans!