Linda McMahon tells TMZ they have the “wrong McMahon” on Crown Jewel questions


TMZ caught up with Linda McMahon outside Reagan airport in Washington, D.C. and asked her about WWE’s decision to hold Crown Jewel in Saudi Arabia.

“If you wanna talk WWE, you’re talking to the wrong McMahon,” Linda told TMZ, quickly avoiding the subject.

When pressed about the fact that WWE is a family-run business and she is married to WWE’s Chairman and CEO, Linda added, “I don’t run it and I’m not responsible for it. Gotta talk to Vince!”

Linda is the Administrator of the Small Business Administration and was appointed by President Trump shortly after he became President of the United States. Her position is part of Trump’s Cabinet.

Linda now lives in D.C. because of her position with the SBA while Vince still lives in Connecticut.