Jamie Noble suffers 3 broken ribs during Raw


Jamie Noble received an unscheduled trip to a hospital in Indianapolis yesterday following Monday Night Raw and the beating he received at the hands of Brock Lesnar. Lesnar drove Noble in the security wall pretty hard and Noble did not get up, prompting WWE medics to rush ringside. WWE cameras did their best to leave the medics working on Noble out of the picture although at one point you could see the stretcher and later a bunch of WWE referees surrounding him.

Noble was transported in an ambulance once he was helped backstage and wrote on Twitter that he has 3 broken ribs and couldn’t even breathe at first.

“I would like to thank WWE staff and all the fans for nice messages,” Noble wrote. “Team WWE didn’t take any chances with my health, thank you!”

WWE.COM also confirmed the injury however once again did not specify what it was, just writing that Noble was injured during the Lesnar attack on The Authority.