If Smackdown doesn’t win World Cup tournament, loser gets fired!


The stakes at the World Cup tournament just got a little bit bigger for the Smackdown Superstars as Commissioner Shane McMahon announced on the show last night that if whoever is in the final match this Friday and loses…he will be fired from Smackdown!

McMahon laid down the rules in a backstage segment with the four Smackdown competitors – The Miz, Jeff Hardy, Randy Orton, and Rey Mysterio – all present.

In the two matches on the Smackdown side, Jeff Hardy takes on The Miz and Rey Mysterio wrestles Randy Orton. The winners will then face each other for a spot in the final against a Raw Superstar.

If Smackdown ends up losing the final, whoever is “fired” will obviously end up on the Raw side to fill some void left by former WWE Universal champion Roman Reigns.