Full betting odds for Crown Jewel


In a few hours WWE will be airing live from Riyadh, Saudi Arabia as the company presents the controversial Crown Jewel pay-per-view. Here are all the betting odds for the show which are correct at time of this writing.

Please keep in mind that these could change in the next few hours leading up to the show and even during the show.

Braun Strowman is still favorite to win the WWE Universal title with his odds at 4/11 while Brock Lesnar is at 2/1 for the victory. AJ Styles also remains the overwhelming favorite for his match against Samoa Joe, with Styles at 1/8 odds to retain the WWE title and Joe at 9/2 for the upset.

The Smackdown Tag Team champions Sheamus and Cesaro have 1/5 odds in their favor while The New Day are at 10/3 to regain the titles, titles that they lost just a few weeks ago at Smackdown 1000. In the other tag team match, D-Generation X are the slight favorites with odds of 8/11 while the Brothers of Destruction are at 1/1 to win.

The qualifying rounds for the World Cup tournament has Seth Rollins the favorite at 1/5 versus Bobby Lashley who is at 10/3, The Miz at 1/8 to win against Jeff Hardy who is at 9/2, Kurt Angle at 2/9 to go over Dolph Ziggler at 3/1, and Rey Mysterio at 1/3 favorite versus Randy Orton who is at 9/4.

As far as who’s the favorite to win the tournament, The Miz is currently leading the pack with 7/4 odds, followed by Seth Rollins at 2/1, Rey Mysterio with 9/2 odds, and Kurt Angle a long shot at 6/1.