ESPN’s SportsCenter covers Dusty’s death with 3 minute segment


ESPN’s SportsCenter Headlines covered the passing of the American Dream Dusty Rhodes yesterday with a three and a half minute segment which featured a call from ESPN’s own and former WWE commentator Jonathan Coachman.

The Coach, who worked for WWE for 10 years and worked with Rhodes, credited him for helping him throughout his WWE career. He said Rhodes was one of the all time great entertainers in the history of the business and was awesome when it comes to promos.

Recounting a behind the scenes story of Rhodes, Coach told Dusty once in front of the whole family that he might be the third best talker in the Rhodes family now thanks to his two sons eclipsing him. The Coach said this while conducting an interview about the legacy of the family and Dusty told him – with Coach imitating his voice – that he will never be three in his own family, in fact he’s number one in the world.

The Coach got a lot of flack on Twitter however for the final part of the interview where the anchor asked him if he was a better wrestler or a better talker.

“He was an awful wrestler. He was an entertainer,” Coach said bluntly. He then went on Twitter and wrote, “I guess you really can’t simply reflect on a friend anymore. You all ask us to engage and then the few ruin it for those that actually care.”

You can see the full segment below.